11 Items that you cannot import to Indonesia

When importing goods to Indonesia, it really pays off to be aware of the types of goods which are allowed and are strictly prohibited (this including items that are restricted). Indonesia is a country of over 17,000 islands in its archipelago, located in the region of Southeast Asia. Whether you are a business importing goods, or a foreign expat moving to Indonesia, you have to know about the goods which are not favoured by the Indonesian customs. If you have not read the other articles writen by our team at Kargo, do click here to learn all about the logistics industry, Indonesia, Import/export as well as the Expat market. So let us get going!

Items which are simply not allowed (Please do not import them!)

  1. Narcotics and drugs
  2. Pornographic material in any form
  3. Politically sensitive or subversive materials
  4. Weapons, firearms, ammunitions and firework related goods which could potentially explode
  5. Reproduction of copyrighted materials (pirated material)
  6. Animal skins
  7. Cordless telephones
  8. Vehicles
  9. Tobacco and related goods
  10. Spices
  11. Cosmetics and toiletries

The above items are not allowed into Indonesia under any circumstances, do always remember!

Similarly, there are also a list of items that are not exactly prohibited. But rather, they are just restricted by the Indonesian customs. So you could actually still bring them in if you want, but you have to exercise some form of caution. We hope the all of the information we present helps!

Do note that you probably have to have some form of authority to import these items successfully and/ or you need to make a form of payment ( or duty tax) to clear the Indonesian customs. So here are the following items:

  1. Items that are brand new as could be seen that they are still in their packaging
  2. Household goods, appliances and electronics
  3. books
  4. Alcohol ( 1 person is only allowed to bring in one litre)
  5. DVDs, CDs, videotapes, recorded material (Need to declare and provide the titles, subject to fees due to censorship)
  6. Medication (declare the medication that you have and provide a list of its details)
  7. Antique items which have extremely high value
  8. Statues ( Need to be approved by the Indonesian Authorities, consult your freight forwarder regarding the importation of statues to Indonesia)
  9. Large amount of any type of goods (you have to declare them at the customs as it may be subjected to high duty taxes)

What about pets

Importing pets may be an arduous process, especially if your pets are coming from rabies prone country. This is because Indonesia is trying to steer clear of rabies prone pets so as to not affect the pets of its own country. For instance, pets with rabies are actually not allowed to enter or leave the region of Bali. For more information about moving pets into Indonesia, you can read our article over here

So these are basically the items which are either not allowed or are heavily restricted to enter Indonesia. If you have any questions or thoughts regarding the goods that could be imported comment below!


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