17 Items Which Are Exempted From Import Duty in Indonesia

Trading may not always be an easy and straightforward process. There are always so many different laws and regulations to follow. In addition, the importer or exporter has to submit the needed documents accurately and failure to do so would delay the trade process or worse still, causing the trade to not happen at all. This  article would be part of our import series where Kargo would try to increase your understanding about importing goods into Indonesia. In today’s article, these are 17 items which do not require import duties to be paid when bringing them into Indonesia. To see more articles related to logistics in Indonesia, feel free to click here.

Daftar Perusahaan Ekspedisi
Importing Goods Into Indonesia

According to the Indonesian Customs and Excises, Import Duty exemption is referred to as “the nullification of import duty payment as required by the customs law”. Therefore, indicating that all imported goods to Indonesia require a duty tax to be paid but for the following goods, this import duty is exempted.

Do note that the list may not include all the goods that qualify for the exemption of import duty. As such, we suggest you to contact your local freight forwarder, customs or relevant authority to get the most updated details

These are the goods exempted according to the Indonesian Customs and Excises Website.

Number One: ‘Goods of foreign countries representatives and their officials who work in Indonesia under reciprocal principles’. Which refer to goods belonging to individuals who represent their country to work in Indonesia for reciprocating purposes

Number Two: ‘Goods for international bodies and their officials who work in Indonesia’. Similar to the first type of goods.

Number Three: ‘scientific books’. Book material of scientific related content

Number Four: ‘Goods donated for public religious purposes, charity, social, cultural or for the relief of natural disaster purposes’. These are basically goods given for ‘social’ purposes

Number Five: ‘Goods for museum, zoo and other similar public places and goods for conservation of natural resources’.

Number Six: ‘Goods for research and scientific purposes’

Number Seven: ‘Goods for the blinds and other disabled people’

Number Eight: ‘Weapon, ammunition, military and police equipment, including spare parts for the national defense and security’

Number Nine: ‘Goods and materials used to produce goods for the purpose of national defense and security’

Number Ten: ‘Samples of no commercial value’. Basically referring to sample products

Number Eleven: ‘Coffins or other containers containing corpses or ashes of corpses’

Number Twelve: ‘ Removal Goods’

Number Thirteen: ‘Goods brought by passengers, crews of means of transport, border crossers, and consignments of a certain customs value and/or a certain quantity’

Number Fourteen: ‘Medicines imported on the Government budget for public purposes’

Number Fifteen: ‘Goods that have been exported for purposes of repair, processing, or testing’

Number Sixteen: ‘Goods that are re-imported in the same state as at the time of exportation’

Number Seventeen: ‘Human therapeutic substances, blood grouping, and tissue typing reagents’

All in all, these are the goods that are exempted from import duty tax. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below. If you would like to ask us a question, click here.

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