3 Popular Places for Expats to Live in Jakarta 2017

If you are moving to Jakarta as an expatriate in the not so distant future, housing is definitely one of the things that you have to search for. Jakarta, being the capital of Indonesia, has long been a popular spot for both locals and foreigners to reside in. In fact, a vast majority of foreigners in Indonesia reside in Jakarta. Furthermore, there are many international school and interesting places to hang out for expats in Jakarta. In this article, Kargo has come up with 3 areas which are extremely popular to live among expats in Jakarta. If  you are moving to Jakarta and need house moving services from your home country, you can fill the inquiry form here and we will get back to you in a bit.

*The following locations are not ranked in any particular order


Menteng is known to be one of the most expensive areas in Jakarta. Located in central Jakarta (Jakarta Pusat) it is home to many high profile individuals who either work in the government or private sector. Furthermore, Menteng is today located in the heart of Jakarta, which is in close proximity to many hotels, shopping malls, international schools as well as with the Central Business District nearby, it is easily one of the most convenient and expensive places to live in Jakarta.


Kemang is another popular place to live for foreigners an expats coming into Jakarta. The streets of this neighbourhood are known to narrow, which means that traffic congestion is very common, especially during the peak hours. In addition, there are also possibilities of flooding within the area. However, despite all this, Kemang is known to have many eateries, restaurants and cafes. Furthermore, there are many beautiful homes with lots of  greenery  in this neighbourhood. It is located in the South of Jakarta (Jakarta Selatan), therefore, it is close to many international schools and the CBD area.

Pondok Indah

Pondok Indah is another popular place to live among foreigners and expats moving to Jakarta. Pondok Indah is located in the south of Jakarta, just like Kemang (Jakarta Selatan). However, as compared to Kemang, Pondok Indah is actually further away from the Central Business District and the rest of  the popular malls in Jakarta like Grand Indonesia. However, although it is slightly further off, this  area is unique to having three large malls all situated next to each other, known as Pondok Indah Mall 1,2 and 3. Moreover, this are also has its own golf course and even a water park. The area is also near several international schools and is known to  have rather large and spacious homes. Lastly, since this neighbourhood is further away from the city area, the traffic is slightly better in this part of Jakarta.

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