3 Reasons To Use an Online Marketplace

The last half a decade has seen the growing influence of online marketplaces. Online marketplaces such as Lazada, Tokopedia, Blibli.com and Bukalapak are just a few of the homegrown names in Indonesia when it comes to the purchasing of consumer goods. On the other hand, niche based online marketplaces are also starting to sprout in Indonesia and all across the world. For instance, Kargo.co.id  is an online marketplace, but with a niche focus on the logistics industry only. Today, online marketplaces have taken the world by storm.

Though there are many users of online marketplace platforms, there is still a vast number of individuals who are either unsure or sceptical of how an online marketplace works. In this article, we would share with you 3 reasons as to why you should use an online Marketplace for your next purchase

What Is an Online Marketplace

Firstly, an online marketplace is similar to a physical marketplace-  A designated area with little shops selling the same or different types of goods for people to buy. However, the shopping is done online, where consumers can search up on the various products or services that are available for sale. Therefore, people can buy various items at their own convenience.

Reason One: Greater Price Comparison

The first reason to use an online marketplace is that it provides greater comparison. By looking at the various products and services that are put up for sale, the prices would allow you to easily compare and sieve out the cheapest product on the marketplace. Furthermore, an online marketplace allows you to compare the items specifications, time taken to deliver etc. Therefore, it provides an increased ease when it comes to price and product/service comparison.

Kargo is an online marketplace that has many different services to offer for Indonesian businesses

Reason Two: Better Features

Often enough, the type of services that you might get from one seller may not be offered by other seller. As such, there is no standardised set of features being offered by businesses. For instance, some sellers accept transactions on credit while others do not.

Typically, an online marketplace allows customers to make use of a range of features to provide a better user experience. Real time tracking of products and a comprehensive list of accepted payment methods are just a few of the features offered by online marketplaces.

Reason Three: Safety and Security

The third reason is due to the increased level of safety. An online marketplace is responsible for any actions that are undertaken by its vendors. If a vendor does not deliver the products on time, goods become damaged etc,customers have the right to report to the marketplace. On the other hand, marketplaces also take the effort to screen and verify their sellers before listing them for security purposes. As such, making marketplaces a safe place to shop online

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