3 Things You Should Know Before Moving To Indonesia

If you are moving to Indonesia or planning to move to Indonesia in the not so distant future, then this article is for  you. Indonesia is a country with more than seventeen thousand islands in the region of Southeast Asia. Two of the best known places in Indonesia to rest of the world are Bali as well as Jakarta, which is the capital.However, there are so many more places to explore in Indonesia, which you could read all about over here. In this article however, we would be focusing on three things that you should be aware of before making that move to Indonesia.

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Number One: Air Quality and Traffic

Are quality in several major cities such as Jakarta and Surabaya is pretty detrimental to health. In fact the air pollution levels in cities like Jakarta are so high where it is uncommon to see people from the motorists to those walking on streets donning masks. Most of the air pollution is caused by the emission of gases by motor vehicles. Air quality in Jakarta in 2002 was ranked as “very poor”. However, due to several government led initiatives, the status of the rankings improved to “Moderate” in 2012.

Traffic in Jakarta as well as many of the major cities across the Indonesian archipelago is extremely congested. Traffic in Jakarta especially is said to be one of the worst in the world. Some of the reasons are the fact that many non city residents come to work in the city during the day and leave at night. For instance in Jakarta, there are many vehicles that enter daily from other nearby cities such as Bandung. As such, it is normal to be stuck in traffic every day, to and from the workplace. If you are looking for an alternative, you should try the ‘ojek’ service, where the motorcycles are used as taxis

Number Two: Climate

In Indonesia, it is good to know that the climate there is tropical which is pretty much summer weather all year round (except for months between October to December where it is expected to have days of constant rainfall. Another thing to take note is  that due to the weather, humidity is rather high. As such, you would find yourself perspiring rather often.So if you are moving from the west, or countries that have four seasons, be sure to pack the right set of clothes before moving to Indonesia.

Number Three: The Cheap and The Expensive

In general, food and eating out all across Indonesia is rather affordable. Street foodstalls known as “warungs” are the probably the cheapest that they could get. As for fresh produce, they are affordable as well.

On the other hand, imported goods in general are expensive in Indonesia. It may be alcohol, food products or that favourite clothing brand of yours. So if you are looking to live in a budget, you should opt for more, “Made  in Indonesia” products instead.

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