3 Types of Crates to Package Goods for International Shipments (Sea Freight)

Whether you are an individual moving from one city to another, or a a business seeking to import and export goods, it is extremely important to be aware of how to package you goods well. Depending on the type of goods that you have, such as garments, medicines or even perishable items such as fruit and vegetables, you have to know about how to pack and store your items in a manner that would keep them safe and secure throughout the journey. Sometimes, pallets or crates may not be just enough. If you are not confident about packaging, you should contact a specialist, like us who can help you with that. In this article, we would learn more about the various ways to package your goods.

Packaging Type: Wood

Wooden packaging (Pallets) are probably the most popular yet durable form of packaging in many parts of the globe, regardless of the type of goods that are being shipped. Some pallets are also made to  be environmentally friendly. In fact, some countries, like those in the European Union (EU) have strict regulations when it comes to the usage of wooden crates for the purpose of making the shipment. This is because some of the wooden crates can be a breeding ground for certain type of pests.

Buying wooden pallets are cheap. However, as the pallets are made of wood, it may not have a good ability of withstanding heavy weight. As such, making it breakable if the weight of the goods is too heavy.

Packaging Type: Metal

Metal packaging, as compared to wooden forms of packaging, are not as popular. In fact, metal is only used for very specific type of goods. They are probably used by car companies or by the military. The use of metal pallets can be very sturdy and stable. However, since it is metal, it will probably be extremely heavy as well. Within metals, the cheaper form is usually aluminium. Aluminium also has a lighter weight, making it optimal for air freight cargo. On the other hand, steel is extremely heavy and also expensive. They are not commonly used in the logistics and supply chain industry.

Packaging Type: Plastic

Plastic packages are popular for usage as compared to their metallic counterparts. Plastic, as we all know, is long lasting and durable. Furthermore, its light weight makes it easy to ship your goods via airfreight.  The disadvantage of using of using plastic is that while it may be the less expensive than metallic pallets, it is still more costly as compared to wood. Moreover, the inherent characteristic of plastic pallets make it non environmentally friendly. This, as such, makes the material prone to release harmful toxins into the environment.

Depending on your needs, some type of pallets would be the best for you. For example, if you are looking for the cheapest type of pallets available in the market, wooden is the best for you. If  you are looking for safe and secure protection, metal is the way to go. Lastly, if you want something in between, go for plastic

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