3 Unique Countries Expats Should Consider Moving To Next

Being able to experience life in another country is something many people aspire to do. However, not all of us actually end up achieving that dream due to a wide array of reasons. Fret not, as this article seeks to introduce a few countries that you should consider moving to as an expatriate. These countries are names that you would probably not expect to hear, but because of their increasing economic presence and influence, they have earned a spot on our list. Do let us know on which other rapidly  developing nations we should  do next!

The following countries are not ranked in any particular order

Country Number One: Indonesia

While many of the developed countries in regions like Europe have slower growth, Southeast Asia on the other hand is booming really quickly. This region consists of many countries such as Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia and of course, Indonesia. Indonesia is the largest archipelago in the world, with more than 17,000 islands. Furthermore, it is also one of the largest countries in the world with over 300 million people. That being said, the country is rapidly developing and expats who want to profit from the growth before anyone else should consider this sunny country. There  is already a relatively large expat community in Indonesia. So you could probably find someone from your home country!

Country Number Two: Oman

Oman, the growing gulf nation situated next to United Arab Emirates, has been ranked Number 14 by HSBC’s expat explorer. This country is widely regarded for its stunning beaches, mountainous landscapes an beautiful architecture. What is more interesting is that  the phase of life there is a little slower and relaxed. The country also ranks high for its safety, great work life balance as well as stable politics. If you want to get a taste of this beautiful Middle Eastern country, it is time to pack your bags!

Country Number Three: Vietnam

This is another Southeast Asian country that is growing really fast. Vietnam is a sunny country now known for its increasing economic power. The country, like Indonesia is growing pretty fast. Vietnam, according to HSBC’s expat explorer is a country that is great for culture and social life. So if you are looking to make friends, Vietnam would be a great place as locals are known to be kind. Furthermore, it is interesting to note that entrepreneurship has become increasingly prevalent in the country, where many startups are beginning to pop up around the country.

The above countries may not necessarily appear on everybody’s mind when considering a move overseas. However, these countries are growing rather quickly and if you are the kind of person who wants to reap the benefits of a booming economy, you should consider these three nations. However, if  you have other countries to share with us, do comment below. We would like to hear about which countries you wish to move to next. If you are moving to or from Indonesia, click here to help you with moving. Any questions, visit our website at www.kargo.co.id

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