Top 5 of The Busiest Ports in Europe

The evolution of technology, infrastructure coupled with globalisation has made worldwide trade more rampant than the past century. In fact, according to, the previous century did not see so much of trade volume as compared to today. The trade volume in today’s day and age can be seen at about 50 percent, this is when it is  compared to the entire global GDP for imports as well as exports.  Therefore, it can be clearly said that trade in our times is far more significant than those of  the previous decades and centuries. As such, in this article, we would introduce some of  the busiest ports in the world which are located in Europe. Last week, we covered on Asia which you could see here

5 of The Busiest Ports in Europe

Number Five: Port of Valencia, Spain

Located in Valencia in Spain, this port is the fifth busiest port in Europe as well as the largest in Spain and the Mediterranean basin. It handles more than 4 million containers each year, which is about 50 million tonnes in total volume.

Number Four: Port of Bremen-Bremerhaven, Germany

The ports of Bremen- Bremerhaven are based in Germany, and it is actually best known for shipping the highest volume of cars in the world. In 2011, 60 million tonnes of goods were transported , including more than 6 million containers as well as 2 million cars.

Number Three: Port of Hamburg, Germany

The Port of Hamburg is another port based in Hamburg, Germany. In fact, this port is said to be larger than the Port of Bremen, making it the largest port in Indonesia. As such, it is  often referred to Germany’s gateway to the world. As of 2014, it has handled more than 9 million containers at its port.

Number Two: Port of Antwerp,  Belgium

The Port of Antwerp is based in the old port city of Antwerp, in Belgium. The location, which is at the heart of Europe, makes it extremely convenient for shipments. In 2015, This port has also handled more than 9 million containers, which is approximately 200 millions tonnes of cargo. The unique feature of the docks at the Port of Antwerp is that they are accessible by rail, river, road and canal ways which connect inland at about 80 kilometers. Therefore, making the port optimal for multi modal shipments in Belgium, Europe and the rest of the world.

Number One: Port of Rotterdam, The Netherlands 

The Number one port in Europe currently is the Port of Rotterdam, located in the Netherlands. This port used to be thee busiest container port in the world, until it got overtaken by Singapore 2004. However, the Port of Rotterdam is still one of the busiest ports in the world. stretching over a distance of about 40 kilometers, it handles more than 11 million containers on average. Furthermore, it handles about 400 million tonnes of cargo per year. Therefore, making it the busiest port in Europe.

So these are the top 5 container ports in Europe. In the future article, we would address the popular container ports in the different regions around the world. Comment below your thoughts and share this among you friends. If you would like to speak with us, click here or drop us and email to cs@


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