5 Ways in Protecting Your Cargo for Land, Sea and Air Freight Shipments

Businesses that often move goods from one city to another may always have a fear if they may actually lose all their cargo in transit. In fact, it has been a concern for all businessmen even in the past. A Shakespearean play titled as Merchant of Venice actually sets the story in the past where a businessman loses all his cargo at sea. Such concerns, remain till today. While the chances of losing shipments in transit are extremely low, here are 5 ways that your business could make use of so as to further reduce on the chances. To see other articles related to logistics in Indonesia, click here.

Performing Regular Background Checks

Getting your logistics service provider to do regular background checks will deter potential cases of theft of goods. It is also very important to pick out a reliable logistics companies to help you deliver your shipments. Often enough, the theft of cargo is usually caused by people who have access to your goods. Therefore, it is really important to engage a reliable logistics company.

Making Use of GPS services

just like how GPS could be used to track the arrival times of public buses in some countries, the same technology could be used to regularly track when and where the truck or ship is headed to. This could help your business track the progress of your shipments real time. Kargo offers this service for its trucks, for the transportation of goods in domestic Indonesia.

Buying Insurance For Your Shipments

Well, no one really likes losing their items, especially if they are large at volume or value. However, having an insurance could help you gain back some of the monetary value that you have lost upon the loss of the cargo. Therefore, having insurance will definitely help to get your business back on track, financially. Kargo also offers insurance for shipments, and this could cover a substantial amount off the shipments.

Taking Small and Regular Safety Steps

Making sure that the truck drivers park the cargo on well lit areas, not travelling using unsafe paths and making sure that logistics companies do not leak information about the goods to other parties. Taking steps like these are very critical in ensuring that there is no possible attempt when it comes to people trying to steal your company’s cargo. Therefore, it is yet again, important to select a reliable company for freight forwarding and logistics services.

Safe Parking and Storage

If your company has its own logistics service  provider, pay close attention as to where and how you pack and store the goods. For instance, when you have to deliver goods on a Tuesday but would be having the logistics company collecting the goods on a Monday, it is critical to make sure that they park and store the goods at a safe compound, where it is difficult for potential criminals.

All in all these are the 5 ways you could implement to protect your cargo via air, land or sea freight. Share this article with your friends and comment down below. If you have any questions, comment below.


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