9 Things You Cannot Load On To a Container For International Shipping, Import, Export and Moving Personal Effects

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Utilising containers for shipments can be an extremely efficient when sending goods for your business or moving your personal effects from one port to another. in a previous article, we learnt about containers and how they could be beneficial for shipments related to import as well as export. If you have not read that article, you can click here, where you can learn more about  the various sizes of containers, its uses, benefits and more. In this article, we would be going more in depth with regards to the 9 things you would not be allowed to load on a container for shipment.

The Prohibited Items You Should Not Place In Your Container

Number One: Batteries, Batteries and Batteries

Many people often overlook the fact that batteries are not allowed on board the container. Often enough, batteries are placed inside electronic appliances such as lamps, cameras, remote controllers, electronic toothbrush and shavers. However, do take note that all types of batteries are strictly prohibited as they could be a potential fire hazard. If you are preparing your goods for import/export or moving, always do a once over to avoid any possible hazards

Number Two: Plants

Just like how plants need to be quarantined after a long haul flight, plants are also prohibited on containers for a couple of reasons. Firstly, they could pose a hazard to the biodiversity of the other city as the plants being imported could be carrying germs or parasites. With the presence of such elements, they could destroy the plants in the other city of the other port etc.

Number Three: Flammable Chemicals like aerosols and solvents

Every household is bound to have flammable chemicals such as cleaners, perfumes, hairsprays etc. Placing all of such items together in a shipping container could be a great risk as with the fluctuations in temperatures and pressure, it could cause detrimental damage.

Number Four: Guns and other firearms

This might be a pretty obvious one. Many countries around the globe have extremely strict laws when it comes to gun control. If you really have to import or export firearms, you should contact the relevant customs offices for more information.

Number Five: Fireworks, firecrackers, sparklers and other fire related products

Fireworks and basically all fire related products are not allowed to be shipped via a container, simply because they could cause fires.

Number Six: Personal documents such as Passports

As shipping from one port to another would allow quite a few people to have access to the contents of the container, it is strongly advisable to not keep any important documents or even goods of sentimental value simply due to the risk of it being stolen

Number Seven: Jewellery

It is never a good idea to store your jewellery in a shipping container also due to the fact that it could get stolen,  just like the rest of the personal documents. Its best to bring such items in person.

Number Eight: Fruits, vegetables and other food items

Bringing such items on board would result in them bringing germs and parasites to the port of destination. Not only that, they also have a chance to become rotten.

Number 9: Laptop, mobile phone and other electronics

Once again, to reduce the possibility of having your goods being stolen, do not load such items onto the container

So those are the 9 Things which are prohibited on a shipping container. If you have any comments or  questions comment below.

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