A Look Into Palangka Raya, Possibly the Next Indonesian Capital

A couple of weeks ago, an Indonesian official announced that the government is  considering to move out of Jakarta either in 2018 or 2019. While rumours have been going around for years, some people are sceptical if the move would actually take place. Nevertheless, one city has been mentioned a couple of times as to being the next capital city for Southeast Asia’s biggest economy. In this article, we would be exploring Palangka Raya, located in the province of  Central Kalimantan.

Why is the Government moving out of Jakarta

For many years, the local government has had plans to move out of the current city, which is Jakarta, located in the island of Java. There were many reasons cited, one of which being the overpopulation as well as the degradation of the environment, where land and air pollution are very apparent.It  is common to experience bad traffic due to high volume of vehicles in the gridlocked city as well.  Jakarta has long been the capital of Indonesia since the archipelago nation had gained independence from the Dutch.

Today, it is the political, economical and cultural center of  Indonesia, where many businesses are also based. However, the government has ensured that Jakarta will still remain as Indonesia’s business hub should the move actually happen.

Palangka Raya: The (Possibly) Next Capital of Indonesia

Palangka Raya. Several experts and officials have indicated that this city in the island of Kalimantan could be the next capital. However, the Government has mentioned that they are still analysing various alternatives. Furthermore, the Indonesian Government is seeking to completely move out of the island of Java. Palangka Raya is the capital of Central Kalimantan, with a population of about 200,000 people.

A view of the Palangka Raya, the current capital of the province of Central Kalimantan. The city is said to be what could possibly be the next capital city of Indonesia

The city is considered to be the largest city in Indonesia based on land area, albeit most of the land still being forests and other areas that are all protected by the local authorities. The city was initiated to be built in 1957 by the first President of Indonesia Sukarno so that it could be the capital of Central Kalimantan. Even the First President of Indonesia  expressed his desire to make the city of Palangka Raya the future capital of Indonesia. Which explains the plans of the government all these years.

The city’s most popular industries are woodcarving, bread work and basketry. Moreover, Lion Air also has set up an aviation academy in the city.  Palangka Raya has a diverse mix of races, where majority of the population are Dayaks, followed by Malays, Javanese as well as a small community of Chinese. Religion is also rather diverse, where there a large number of people practicing Christianity, Islam, as well as local religions.

It is till unclear if the city would really be the next capital of Indonesia as after all, Indonesia has more than 17000 islands across its archipelago.

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