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Air freight is one of the most expensive modes of transportation when it comes to freight transporting services. However, it is the most efficient in terms of speed. Many a times, sending freight by  ocean freight through the usage of ships and vessels can take weeks. In comparison, a flight can reduce the flight can reduce the transit time to just a few days depending on where the location is of course. As such, in this article, we would be introducing Kargo’s services for air freight from the city of Jakarta, the capital city of Indonesia. Our air freight services are available internationally and domestically, be it for large goods or for small items to be sent in parcels.

Kargo Air Freight Services (Domestic)

Currently, we are proud to announce that Kargo has a coverage extending throughout the whole of Indonesia including the islands of Java, Bali, Sumatra as well as Kalimantan. We are able to service through the airports that are active in Indonesa. Through Kargo, we could get you the most updated prices based on market demand and our network of more than 400 logistics vendors. Through our platform, you would be able to view the various prices as well as the lead time depending on each vendor. All in all, it gives our customers the transparency when it comes to knowing the prices in the market based on the demand at that point of time. Click here to view the latest prices for domestic shipments by way of air freight in Indonesia.

Kargo Air Freight Services (International)

We do import as well as export services Kargo too, on request. Through our network of more than 400 vendors, we could help you get the most updated prices for the import and export of freight to countries such as Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, US and the UK. Click here to indicate your interest to enquire the latest prices and we would get back you within 1 working day. All in all, we seek to provide the most comprehensive and secure type of service for you and your business. Feel free to contact us to move your next shipment!

ship cargo by airfreight for import and export
Airfreight available in domestic and international shipments with Kargo

Kargo Parcel and document Delivery Services

Kargo offers Parcel and document delivery services by air and door to door. This is to bring the maximum convenience to our customers where they could just leave their parcels and documents at their doorstep and we would get our vendor to do the delivery for you, at the most affordable rates. Shipping to Singapore or Malaysia, we could do it in just 1 day. Our services are available from Indonesia to anywhere in the world. See it for yourself here

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  1. hello, there we are a chinese logistical company in hong kong. last year we were so busy, cause so many staffs, we plan build another way to delivery to canada and american. we delivery it to bali first then ask ur company help to delivery to american or canada, do u think it’s possible? we will delivery around 5000kg a day

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