Become A Logistics Vendor At Kargo has over 400 separate logistics vendors on board, all of which go through a process to initiate them into the online dashboard and create a legal partnership with Kargo. These are the first steps after the handshake of agreement post-meeting, and can be some of the most important. Once this relationship has been created, the legal documents and logistics information can help get more than double the shipments of a company that does not do it properly.

The importance of these documents are to ensure that the logistics vendor is legally registered, and has the ability to facilitate growth for themselves and Kargo. The limited barriers to entry is the key reason why Kargo’s vendor count has grown at such a rapid rate, and continues to grow.

Why Join Kargo?

Kargo offers vendors many different benefits that they would not normally be exposed too. The partnership between Kargo and it’s vendors can allow for positive growth in terms of relationships but also order amounts.

By improving efficiency by 400% for an order, but also getting additional order than what is to be expected from a vendors standard network. All possible orders will be logged onto a dashboard and the vendor only needs to hit ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to choose the order, and then they will receive 93% or 100% of the shipment invoice.

Requirement’s to partner with an online logistics marketplace;

  1. Have a minimum of 25 vehicles. These assets show long term investment and maximise long term sustainability.
  2. Be registered with the Logistics Associations of Indonesia
  3. Ship throughout Indonesia

Once these requirements are established, Kargo will be able to send documents asking about the basic information about;

  • Fleet size
  • Armada details for individual vehicles; number plates, TMS ability, GPS ability, odometer, insurance etc.
  • What sort of vehicles the vendor has access to (L300, CDE Box, Wingbox etc.)
  • The vendor will also be asked to fill out a survey about the normal type of shipments, facilities, services, and internal processes

These documents are completely confidential and will be stored safety on Kargo’s internal database which is secured by Domestic Bank Level Security.

Once all this information is on-boarded into Kargo’s system, orders and quotes will be sent to the vendor. This would take as little as 3 days.

Vendor Groupings

When the Vendor has been informed about the completion of the on-boarding process, it can accept and deny orders on the Vendor Dashboard.

The vendor dashboard will get sent orders that relate to the vendors particular category.

Kargo categories are lists of vendors into separate groupings.

These groupings are based on responsiveness, armada type, and legal documentation on the system.


The use of groupings allows Kargo to only send the appropriate vendors shipment orders that are applicable for the order. Many orders vary in location, destination, or armada type. These vendor groupings are based on the basic logistics characteristics.

This can be seen as an effective measure to increasing efficiency within the communication channels between Kargo and the logistics companies/freight forwarders.

Not only bettering the relationship for the vendors, but also decreases the customer waiting period.

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