Book a Truck For Your Dangerous Goods in Indonesia

Dangerous goods as the name suggests, are goods that carry a certain amount of risk or hazard when they are being handled. That being said, when an individual or a business wants to transport dangerous goods like aerosol or flammable items, a lot of precautions have to be taken such as initiating the services of a reliable logistics company as well as making sure the goods have been packaged in a safe manner that would not pose as a hazard. Kargo has more than 400 logistics companies as partners and this means that we also have companies which could help you move your dangerous goods across the Indonesian archipelago. In this article, we would share with you as to how to move your dangerous goods with us.

Knowing The Type of Truck You Would Need

We have many different type of trucks offered for the dangerous goods service. From containers, L300, FUSO, Tronton, Engkel, Trailer, Wingbox and many more trucks we have at Kargo. Read about our trucks over here, so as to get a better idea as to which type of truck would suit the needs of you or your company best. This is because, each type  of truck has a different weight and volume capacity and by choosing the most appropriate truck, you would be able to utilise all the space provided, making it value for money. If you are not sure as to which type of truck is meant for you, visit our page at and we will respond shortly.

Dangerous Goods Transportation Services with kargo

How To Make an Online booking for Dangerous Goods Trucks

Firstly, you would have to access the webpage at . Over here, you would be able to view the current prices, lead time as well as the type of trucks available for the origin and destination that you have specified when clicking on the price check option. After finding the type of truck, lead time as price that you  are most comfortable with, you could proceed with making the order, which can be done in just a 2 minutes.

Making an order For the Service

Making in order is fast and simple. We would require some critical information so as to carry out the transportation process successfully. Upon making a successful order we would immediately work with the logistics provider on our end to get the moving going. You would also be given the option to track the progress of your goods when their in the midst of transit, so as to know exactly where the trucks are at each period of time as well as how long more you would have to wait before it arrives at the doorstep of the destination.

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