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Containers have revolutionised the world of trade as well as logistics ever since its inception. Today, containers are being used in every corner of the globe for shipments by sea freight as well as for multi modal shipments. The nature of the container allows goods to be stored and packed very easily in them for the purpose of transportation via sea as well as land. The same container could be easily moved from a shipping vessel to a load on a truck. Thus, the versatility of the container makes it extremely optimal for long haul shipments that can be from door to door or door to port and vice versa. In the previous article, we shared as to how to make a booking. In this article, we would be sharing all the right information you could have to make the booking with Kargo.

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The Information you need to have for a successful booking

When you book a container for rental at , you will proceed to the next page where you have to key in all the required information that is requested by us.

Webpage for Container Rental with Kargo

For Container

Kapasitas Kontainer (Wajib): It is compulsory to specify if you need a FCL 20 Foot, FCL 40 Feet, LCL or a box.

Deskripsi Barang (Wajib): Another compulsory section, where you should describe what type of goods you are shipping with us. For example, if they are garments you could specify them as garments.

Berat Total Perkiraan (Wajib) (TON/KG) : In this section, you would need to provide the total weight of your items in either tons or kilograms, whichever is more relevant.

Dimensi Perkiraan (Wajib) (M/CM): It is also critical to provide the dimensions of the goods. This is so that we would be able to calculate as to how much space the items occupy on the truck. For this information, you could provide the length, width and height in either meters or centimeters.

*ADDITIONAL: If you could provide the volume of the items, that would be great. You could enter it under ‘Ubah unit menjadi CBM/FEET’

Booking Form for 20 and 40 foot Containers

For Schedule

Jadwal Pengiriman: Pick a date most convenient for you so that  we could move your goods

Waktu Pengambilan (Tidak wajib): Though optional, you could also choose a specific time for sending

For Destination

Kota Asal: The city where the goods should be collected from

Area Asal: The specific area in the city

Isi detail alamat asal (Tidak wajib): Any description of the address of origin

Tipe Kawasan asal/tujuan: The Type of building of the address (commercial or residence)

Kota Tujuan: The city which the goods should be sent to

Area Tujuan: The specific area of the destination

Isi detail alamat asal (Tidak wajib):Any description of the address of destination

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