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This Article is a continuation of the previous article titled “How to Send Motorcycles in Indonesia” . In This article, we would elaborating more on the information needed to make a successful booking with Kargo.

Whether you have a Honda, Yamaha or Suzuki, we are able to carry out the shipment in domestic Indonesia

Many people would argue that motorcycles are an essential mode of transportation in Indonesia. Whether you are in a large, gridlocked city like Jakarta or based in a remote town somewhere in a place like Sulawesi, motorcycles are an integral part of transportation in Indonesia as it is favoured by people of the city as well as countryside due to the convenience it brings through ease of going through slow moving traffic, lesser expenses incurred for maintenance as well as the lesser space it occupies due to its small size. Although motorcycles are convenient within the cities and villages, it may not be wise to drive from one city to another on them if the journey would take long hours. As such, when moving from one city to another, many people would either sell their motorcycles or find someone who could provide a moving service for motorbikes.

The information needed to make a booking to move motorcycles

Kargo’s prices for moving motorcycles across Indonesia

To view the latest prices to move your motorbikes with Kargo, you could click the following link at . When making an order, you could click on the green icon on the extreme right. This will take you to the booking page

For Motorcycle

In order to move your motorcycle, we would need a bit of information with regards to the motorbikes that are being shipped with Kargo. Firstly, you would need to state the type of motorcycle under ‘ Jenis Motor’. This is a compulsory section. The other section you would need to complete is capacity of the motorcycle, in terms of the number of CC (Between 125 to  800). This is also compulsory, under ‘Kapasitas Mesin Motor’. Lastly, you would need to state the condition of the motorbike under ‘pilih salah satu’, where you could declare the motorbike as new, used or personal.

For Schedule

Jadwal Pengiriman: Pick a date most convenient for you so that  we could move your goods

Waktu Pengambilan (Tidak wajib): Though optional, you could also choose a specific time for sending

For Destination

Kota Asal: The city where the motorcycle should be collected from

Area Asal: The specific area in the city

Isi detail alamat asal (Tidak wajib): Any description of the address of origin

Tipe Kawasan asal/tujuan: The Type of building of the address (commercial or residence)

Kota Tujuan: The city which the motorcycle should be sent to

Area Tujuan: The specific area of the destination

Isi detail alamat asal (Tidak wajib):Any description of the address of destination to deliver the motorcycle

Booking Form for Motorcycle moving services in Indonesia


We also provide insurance for the transportation if you need them. Do indicate in the booking form if you would like to have insurance coverage under ‘asuransi’

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