Can I Bring My Dog to Bali, Jakarta and the rest of Indonesia

Expats often ask the above question of whether or not is possible for them to export their pets into Indonesia, often being Jakarta or Bali, as that is where the vast majority of tourists and expats head to whenever they move to Indonesia. The answer is yes. However, there are a few things that you have to take note if you want your pet to experience the unique Indonesian culture with you

Your pets can move to Indonesia with you!

Knowing Who Can Move Your Pets

Pet movers are not uncommon in Indonesia. There are a couple of established pet movers all around the country. Furthermore, there are regular logistics companies who also offer pet moving services, be it domestic or international. If you do not want to waste time searching for the best mover for your pet, you could just click here

What You Should Do To Bring Your Pet

check your pet’s physical health

Send you furry buddy to a medical check up! Surely, it may not be ill but you just got to make sure it is all okay

Check  pet import requirements of the country

This is to see if the country of destination has any special criterion that you need to fulfill. Certain countries may require lab tests, vaccinations or medical reports before your pet can enter.

What If I want to bring my pet INTO Indonesia?

There are a few things you could do. However, the more, essential requirements that you have to meet are written as follows:

Rabies vaccination is compulsory

As Indonesia has areas which it would call ‘rabies free’ pets that come from rabies prone countries are thus not allowed to enter the rabies-free areas. Furthermore, rabies-carrying animals, which include cats and dogs are not permitted to enter or leave Bali.

Animals need to have rabies vaccine no earlier than 30 days and not more than 12 months before making the trip to Indonesia

Blood Titer Test is compulsory for pets coming from countries  which are not from rabies free countries 

That is right. So if you’re coming with your pet from such a country, you should send it for the test as mentioned above.

Import License and Health Certificate

You would need an import license which is issued by the director of Animal Health when seeking to enter Indonesia. On the other hand, within a few days or travel, the relevant authority of your country of origin should endorse the completion of the Health Certificate for Indonesia.

Bringing a puppy or kitten?

If you intend to bring your puppy or kitten along into the country, it has to be at least 4 months old. In addition, it has to be vaccinated against rabies of course.

What about other types of animals?

Animals apart from dogs or cats like birds or fishes do not the vaccination against rabies. Instead, you need to have the Health Certificate, as aforementioned above. However, you have to take not that there may be other requirements to meet for such pets. Do ask your local authorities!

All in all, these are the essential requirements to meet if you would like to bring your pets along with you when moving into Indonesia. Comment down below on what you think!


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