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Here at Kargo, we have mentioned one inherent fact about Indonesia, and that is the fact that there are over 17,000 islands across the country. As such, there is one problem when it comes to transporting goods across different islands, where there are other different cities and provinces on each island. For example, Jakarta is in Java island, Denpasar and Kuta are in Bali island, Medan on the other hand is on the island of Sumatra. As such, it means that moving goods from one city to another is not going to be easy. In this article, we would be introducing containers for  multi modal shipments and how they would work perfectly at a region with a cluster of islands.

What are multi modal shipments

Multi modal shipments are a type of shipment. Typically, there is either a single modal shipment or a multi modal shipment. A single modal shipment refers to a shipment with only one type of transport being used. For example, goods travelling from a port in Bali to another port in Java would be considered as single modal because to travel between the ports you would only need one mode of transport which is a ship. On the other hand, a multimodal shipment would consist of more than one type of transport. For instance, a door to door shipment from Jakarta in Java to Medan in Sumatra by sea freight or air freight would be multi modal. This is because the ship/ aeroplane would be one type of shipment to travel between the air/sea ports. But to bring the goods to and from the ports, a truck would be needed. Therefore, it is known as a multi modal shipment.

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Why a container is the most efficient for multi modal shipments

For a multi shipment, it is best to use a container throughout the transportation process. This is because, the goods do not need to moved away from the container regardless of whether it is on land attached to a truck or on sea on board a ship. Kargo provides the 20 and 40 feet container for the convenience of its customers. As such, having a container actually makes it more efficient as the exact container would be kept to bring your goods from one location to another, even if it is door to door.

Webpage for Container Rental with Kargo


Proceed to Kargo’s webpage for containers and you would be able to view the latest prices for domestic shipments in Indonesia as well as the lead time for it. If you are looking for international import or export shipping to or from Indonesia, do send a request over here and we will more than happy to respond.

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