Documents Needed to Ship Domestic

When a individual is moving From Jakarta to Surabaya or Bali can often need several documents before the shipment can be sent. This will involve pre-shipment organisation from the shipper and the vendor. Relocation services in Indonesia are often highly reliable and have a good Standard Operating Procedure. The companies will come and chat to the customer and organise the shipment for 90% of the duration. The customer will need to complete the other 10% by ensuring all the documents are correct, informative (if any items are dangerous, fragile, obscure or expensive) to make sure that they are handled correctly and also reliable. Companies that may do shipments like this would be Allied Pickford’s or IMS. This can be seen as an extensive process but is thorough.

Documents needed to move in Indonesia; 
Packing List

  • A packing list involves the information about the goods and items being shipped. This includes;
    • Name of the Customer; First and Last Name
    • Point of Contact; Either phone number or email (preferrably Phone Number)
    • Location of the Goods
    • Destination of the Goods
    • Expected shipment date of the goods
    • Description and specifications of the goods; This will give a brief description of the specific product.
    • Packing style of each of the Goods (cardboard box, plastic container etc.)
    • Quantity of each of the Goods
    • The dimensions of all the items (LxHxW)
    • Weight of the items; this can be in both Gross or Net weight
    • The Cubic Meter Measurements of the items
    • The total weight or CBM of the goods; This will need to be as accurate as possible to ensure the quote is close as possible to the correct price.
    • Budget; This is not compolsary but is up to the customer

Proof of VISA/KITAS/Passport

  • If any foreigner is travelling around Indonesia, they should be carrying proof of living status. The Indonesian police have been known to select and fine tourists for not carrying proof of identity. This is a police policy and should be followed as it will reduce chances of being held or fined.

Once the packing list is created, a company can create an order. This will be up to the vendor to select a price and an appropriate time. When moving around Indonesia it is suggested to avoid peak times of the day, which in Jakarta and wider Indonesia is 9-11am and then in the afternoon which would be 4pm-7pm. This is due to extremely bad traffic and can cause more risk of accident.

For a shipment requirement at the customer will fill in the basic information on the website or application, and a instant order will be made. A quote will be received back to the customer within 3 hours. This efficiency is possible as majority of steps are technological automated. Being able to send this order to over 40 different logistics companies and relocation companies can ensure that the cheapest price is found. do ensure the customer is secure and only fills out the required documents, to make sure efficiency and transparency are maximized.

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