How To Book A Container in Indonesia

Containers have revolutionised the world of trade as well as logistics ever since its inception. Today, containers are being used in every corner of the globe for shipments by sea freight as well as for multi modal shipments. The nature of the container allows goods to be stored and packed very easily in them for the purpose of transportation via sea as well as land. The same container could be easily moved from a shipping vessel to a load on a truck. Thus, the versatility of the container makes it extremely optimal for long haul shipments that can be from door to door or door to port and vice versa. In this article, we would be sharing as to how you could book a container in Indonesia for shipments, be it domestic or international, port to port or door to door.

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20 Foot Containers

Kargo offers two of the most popular types of containers, which are 20 as well as 40 foot containers. The 2o foot container has a volume of 32 cubic meters (CBM). Its dimensions are at 6.1m x 2.3m x 2.3m. This means that its length as long while the width and height are at the same measurement. The container is  great for heavy goods as well, having a maximum capacity of 16 tonnes.

sewa truk trailer 20ft

40 Foot containers

40 foot containers are pretty similar to 20 foot containers. but they are proportionately larger. The 40 foot containers have a volume of 64 cubic meters (CBM). In addition, the dimensions are 12m x 2.3m x 2.3m. Which by comparison, is the same as the 20 foot container, albeit longer in terms of its length. The maximum weight capacity  for this container is at around 25 tonnes. This would be perfect for heavy industrial goods of  high volumes.

sewa truk trailer 40ft

How to book container for domestic Indonesia

Booking a container for rent is as simple as a few clicks on Kargo. After you head on to the website, click on “sewa container” option. This option would take you straight to the information with regards to the various domestic container services, with the prices as well as a lead time. As Indonesia is a large country consisting of more than 17,000 islands, the lead time for some locations can be just a day while the more further and remote areas could take much longer. Nevertheless, we are committed to transport your load to your destination safe and sound. Do key in you to and from locations to see the most accurate prices.

How to book container for International shipments to or from Indonesia

While you may notice that the website of Kargo does not have an international container shipping page yet, we are still able to do them. If  you are seeking to rent a container for such purposes, do drop us a query here. We will respond within the same working day.


It is important to know if you need a container for FCL (Full container load) or LCL (Less than container load). Which is why we have included the identification on the armada. Click here to understand more

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