How to Find The Best Logistics Service For Your Business

You have your own business in Indonesia, selling quality products to your customers, who enjoy buying items from you. However, like many businesses in Indonesia, you receive supplies from another city in another city or, you would like to expand your business operations to another part of  the country, after all there are over 17,000 islands which would make the possibilities endless. The number one question is, how are you going to move your goods to another city? Or how will you get the supplies from another city on time? The common problem of many businesses today is that they struggle to manage their supply chain in such a way that allows them to meet the demand from customers.

In this article, we would be sharing with you as to how you could choose the right logistics service provider for your business.

Why is it important to know your logistics service provider?

Some business owners may feel that as long as they have someone who could deliver or receive their products, their logistics needs are met. However this is not necessarily the case. There are many factors that businesses need to consider and evaluate before they choose a logistics service provider to perform the role of transporting goods across the Indonesian archipelago.

Knowing What Type of Goods They Can Handle

There are many different classes of goods which companies can and cannot handle. For example, only qualified fleet operators are allowed to handle shipments such as dangerous goods like aerosols and petroleum. On the other hand, your current logistics handler may not have the best type of truck or container to handle your goods as well.

Price and Lead time

Arguably two of the most important factors to businesses when they pick a logistics vendor are the price as well as the lead time (Time taken to deliver the goods successfully). It is natural for businesses to choose a provider that can deliver quickly as well as the cheapest rate, so as to perceive that it is valuable. However, this is often difficult to compare as the only way to do so is to contact each individual service provider individually.


What is the best way to choose a logistics company then?

The most effective way for Indonesian businesses to partner with a desired logistics service provider is to go through a marketplace. A marketplace contains a wide array of logistics companies with a range of prices as well as lead time to different destinations all over the Indonesian archipelago. The first and largest online marketplace for individuals and businesses is  Kargo has more than 400 companies on board to help you find the perfect vendor to send your shipments across Indonesia. They offer more than 12 different services, including parcel delivery, containers trucks and more. Click here to start saving time and money to find the best logistics vendor for your company!

Kargo has many different services to offer for Indonesian businesses

If you have a question, comment below or click here. To see more of Kargo’s various logistics services for you and your business, click here. Share this article!

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