How To Pack Your Parcel For Delivery And How it Travels to the Destination

Kargo would be rolling its latest form of service, and that is export of parcels for delivery. Sending a parcel would be faster and seamless with Kargo as you could send your goods to anywhere in the world from Indonesia in a few easy steps. We offer parcel services for documents as well as non documented goods, be it for your business purposes or to a loved one.  Moreover, packing a parcel for delivery is not really a difficult process. In this article, we would take you step by step as to how you should pack your parcels for the purpose of international delivery. For more useful articles by Kargo, click here

Picking a box, wrapping it and sealing it

Preferably  use a brand new cardboard box instead of a used one as it is weaker. Make sure its large enough to fit your items and after which, get a protective material such as a bubble wrap as it could protect the contents inside the box from moving about. After you have wrapped the contents of the box, use a strong tape to seal the openings of box. At this stage, if you do not feel confident about your parcel making it safely to the destination, you should place the parcel into another box. By having two boxes, your items are better protected.

Writing The Key Details

Remove the old details pertaining to the box if you are using it second hand. By following the requirements of your parcel delivery company, you should include all the key information such as the address of the named destination as well as the bar codes, if they are required by your parcel delivery service provider. Double check to make sure that you have all the address printed out correctly and if the box is safe for transit!

Understanding How The Delivery Process Functions

Usually, parcels are not immediately delivered to the country of destination right after you have passed it to the carrier. It however, gets transported from one location to another for formalities before it finally gets shipped to the importing country. The address and bar  codes of the parcel would be scanned. Furthermore,  its weight would be checked and verified as well. Furthermore, the parcels go through a few rounds of sorting before they get loaded for transportation. Upon reaching the country, the goods are checked once again by the customs and verified before they are released for  delivery. Again, after a couple of rounds of sorting as well as verifying, the goods get loaded to the delivery vehicle to make its way to the named place of destination.

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