How To Package And Move Your Personal Effects In Indonesia

When moving your personal items around Indonesia it is important to do some key steps before sending it away in a Ankel Truck or 40ft Container Truck. Often the roads and transport around Indonesia are not the smoothest of many countries, so packing has to be spot on, wrapping needs to be adequate, and sealing products that are water-sensitive will also be important.

A Few Tips to Get Your Goods Safety From A to B

Overall; Make sure to label all your boxes. This can be a disaster if you get to the new address and there are 40 boxes, and you have to open all of them before you know what goes where. This will help the removalist’s know which room to take the goods to also, increasing the time of arrival.

Trust the Removalist; If you are going through a freight forwarder or a professional relocation company they will know what they are doing. Make sure prior to the move that they know if goods are high value or fragile, but majority of the time they will be taking it with ease. If they make a mistake, break or steal anything, that company is liable and poor customer satisfaction is the last thing they want. If you are shipping through Kargo, the vendor goes through various testing and surveying before coming a register vendor.



Make sure that if you are stacking fragile goods you separate with some sort of paper or wrapping. The Indonesian roads are nightmares for stopping and starting and uneven surfaces. The paper in the middle of the products will stop them from bouncing and potentially breaking. This is highly relevant for fine china or any more fragile goods like wine glasses.

Elastic band all of the same utensils together so they do not get spread all over the truck.


If moving throughout Indonesia, flash flooding and thunderstorms are a common occurrence (once a day from November-March and weekly in the other months) so be sure to package all of your electrics so that they cannot receive even the slightest of moister.

Try and keep cardboard boxes off the ground and to the front of the vehicle. This will also reduce movement but protect them from the exterior conditions.

Tape the inner plate of the microwave down to make sure it doesn’t slide around or damage the internal microwave features.

If open back truck, make sure that you have the washing machine lid taped down or facing the back of the vehicle (aerodynamics).


Try and stack anything that has similar shapes or opposing shapes on top or into each other. This will likely be the removalist’s job but just make sure when they are packing that all your furniture has been addressed and they make sure they have accounted for everything.

Cover the edges of any sort of tables or sharp corners. This will reduce chipping or damage.


Tell the removalist’s that the personal effects are highly fragile and they will have particular ways of packaging these goods. Such things like glass tables or chandeliers can be stacked on top of all the goods etc.


If any dangerous goods like chemicals or corrosive material make sure you have got a MSDS for the movers to ensure that the goods are moved safely and do not damage any other parts of the shipment. has many specialist housing removalist’s that can help you move your goods throughout Indonesia and beyond.

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