How To Send Motorcycles in Indonesia

Many people would argue that motorcycles are an essential mode of transportation in Indonesia. Whether you are in a large, gridlocked city like Jakarta or based in a remote town somewhere in a place like Sulawesi, motorcycles are an integral part of transportation in Indonesia as it is favoured by people of the city as well as countryside due to the convenience it brings through ease of going through slow moving traffic, lesser expenses incurred for maintenance as well as the lesser space it occupies due to its small size. Although motorcycles are convenient within the cities and villages, it may not be wise to drive from one city to another on them if the journey would take long hours. As such, when moving from one city to another, many people would either sell their motorcycles or find someone who could provide a moving service for motorbikes.

Kargo is an online platform consisting of logistics that could do just that. We have more than 400 logistics companies all to meet the various demands of our customer. In this article, we would share with you as to how you could move your motorbike with us in just a few clicks.

How to book to move motorcycles in domestic Indonesia

To  move your goods from one city to another in Indonesia, the first step to take is to go to . Over here, you would be able to key in the origin that you would like to send your motorcycles from as well as your choice of destination. After which, you would be able to check the most recent prices, with the options of using filters such as small or large motorbikes and your budget too. With your requirements, we could easily find the best match to suit your needs. Furthermore, you could also see the number of days it would take for the truck before it could reach your named destination.

The service provided from Kargo is door to door, this is so as to provide our customers with the comfort of just receiving their motorcycles from their doorsteps. We have previous experience in moving many different brands of motorcycles such as Yamaha, Suzuki, Honda and many more.

Making an order

Making in order is fast and simple. Upon making a successful order we would immediately work with the logistics provider on our end to get the moving going. You would also be given the option to track the progress of your goods when their in the midst of transit, so as to know exactly where the trucks are at each period of time as well as how long more you would have to wait before it arrives at the doorstep of the destination.

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