How To Send Parcels From Indonesia to Singapore, Australia,US, UK and More

Within a few years since our inception, our services have expanded to air, sea as well as land freight throughout the Indonesian archipelago. By partnering several companies, logistics providers and several individual customers, we have grown to become a household startup in the Indonesian logistics industry.

To date, we have been focusing on domestic services within Indonesia and a couple of weeks ago, we launched our latest offering,  International Parcel and Document delivery Services! In this article, we would be sharing as to how you could send your documents or parcels to Singapore, Australia, US, UK and basically anywhere else you want it to be!

What Is  Our Parcel and Document Delivery?

Anything that is less than 50 kilograms can be considered for parcel delivery (or if they are documents, for document delivery). What we are doing here is offering international parcel and document delivery service where you could send goods from Indonesia to anywhere in the world, be it the US, UK ,Europe, China, Singapore, Malaysia or more.

The most unique feature about our new service is that it is door to door, meaning that you would not need to drop or collect the parcels from a fixed location, rather do them from the comfort of your doorstep. Furthermore, with the use of real time tracking, you would be able to find out at which stage your shipment is at.

Send parcels from Indonesia to anywhere in the world with Kargo

What Do You Need To Send?

Do you need to send items or paper documents? It is important to know the nature of the contents that you wish to deliver. After defining this, you would need to calculate the weight of the parcel in kilograms. Do take note that if the goods are more than 50 kilograms, it would be considered as a freight shipment instead of a parcel shipment.

Checking The Latest Prices

To see the latest price rates to the destination that you wish to send, click on the following link where you could use either the ‘cek harga’ or ‘kalkulator’ tab for a more accurate price based on your specifications. Currently, the prices to send goods to several destinations such as Singapore, Australia, US and the UK and have been discounted. You could make use o the Cek Harga to view the latest prices based on your preferred destination.

Cek Harga and Kalkulator Tabs on the Parcel Delivery Page


Payment and time taken for delivery

Upon completing the order form for the delivery, our team would receive the information and make the necessary arrangements so as to facilitate the delivery of your parcels and documents. On the other hand, you could make the payment though bank transfer to Kargo

Typically, the transit time to Singapore and Malaysia is just 1 day. For Australia, 2 days while about 3 days or less for destinations in the Americas or Europe.

If you have a question, comment below or click here. To see more of Kargo’s various logistics services for you and your business, click here. Share this article!

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  1. How do you do pickups from difficult to find locations like private villas hidden deep down in Gangs in Ubud? I would like to start sending and delivering small parcels (fit on a scooter) between my friend in Ubud and me in Perth (where the addresses are much easier to find!) on a regular basis but have not done it before.

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