Export Furniture from Bali Indonesia to Another Country

Shipping your goods from Bali to another country? Kargo has you covered. We are able to provide all forms of logistics services be it within Indonesia or exporting to other countries. If  you are looking for domestic services you can click here to find out the latest prices. If you are looking to ship to internationally to another country, you can send a request here and we will respond within the same working day. Nevertheless, this article would share some information as well as tips when it comes to moving cargo or sending parcels from Bali.

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Before Making A Shipment from Bali and Indonesia

In order to make a shipment you need to ask yourself if  you need to make the shipment through air, land or sea freight.Air freight is the fastest but is probably the most expensive. On the other hand, Trucks, under land freight as well as sea freight shipments take longer time to deliver but are known to be much more affordable.

Once you have identified the shipment type, you need to figure out the weight or volume of the goods in Kilograms or Cubic Meters. At the same time, estimate the dimensions of the cargo in terms of Length x Width x Height (in meters).

Lastly, identify the service you need: It may be ‘Door to Door’, ‘Port to Port’, ‘Door to Port’ or ‘Port To Door’. This, however only applies when you are using air or sea freight.

Be it furniture, raw materials or any items that you have, we can do the shipment for you.If you need to ship a parcel, we would need to know what kind of goods they are as well if they are documents or non documents. For international parcel delivery, we could provide the prices instantly upon request. Click here to submit the request!

Domestic Shipments within Indonesia

For Domestic shipments, you can get the prices here. We would be able to make your shipment by tailoring to your needs so as to make it convenient for you. We have more than 400 logistics companies and that means that there is definitely one company in which we can link you up with. What’s more is that we can help you confirm the shipment within an hour at most for domestic. Do drop us a chat message there if you have a question!

International Shipments From Indonesia

International shipments often require more information and time to process the shipment. Once you have requested over here,  with the information that you have provided, we would craft the invoice and packing list to facilitate your order. This in turn, would be submitted to the logistics companies to get the latest prices for the week, based on demand and supply. We would then communicate the price with you, and after that stage, Kargo would proceed to make the shipment.

If you have a question, comment below or click here. To see more of Kargo’s various logistics services for you and your business, click here. Share this article!

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