How to Trust A Logistics Company In Indonesia

An Indonesian logistics company often follow the idea of ‘slow and steady wins the race’. The traditional style of logistics is highly evident in Indonesia, and this can often create uncertainty for expats who have schedules and deadlines to meet.
Throughout Indonesia the country is still finding its feet in relation to technological adaption and western efficiency levels. Throughout Indonesia, majority of Logistics companies can be trusted, but some cannot. Tell-tale signs of a trustworthy logistics company are visable, and would be;

  1. Website with relevant Information; This will be a good sign initial sign to see if they are running a professional business.
  2. Reliable Data; sometimes a company will give you a price, but be a different price when you have to pay. This creates minimal transparency and feels untrustworthy.
  3. A fleet of over 25 trucks; If a company has such large amount of physical assets this is normally a good sign that a long term investment is relevant and the company will not disappear.
  4. An office that has a physical address; being able to go and talk to a company in the office is shows the company is legit and means business.
  5. Company email addresses, e.g. ‘‘; Putting a company email re-enforces that company reliance and can be referred to as another point of contact.
  6. Contactable via a phone call or WhatApp; Highly relevent and if they have no phone number then organising logistics operations is near impossible and company would be irrelevant.
  7. Testimonials on the website or have recommended people to support shipments; This can show someone else has actually followed through with a transaction and can reassure that the orders are legitimate.
  8. Payment Methods; If a freight forward asks to pay in a strange way (prior to shipment with cash) or a non-secure way this can cause suspicion and  could mean that they have nto registered with Indonesian Tax Office or Business Association.

At we have partnered with over 400 different logistics companies, all of which have been through rigorous testing and surveying to ensure that they are trusted and transparent.

The criteria that put our vendors through is;

  1. Have a minimum of 20 registered, safe trucks. These will all be entered into system to ensure 100% accountability.
  2. Enter the company details onto (Company Name, Details, Banking, TIN, PIN Contact, Company Logo, Data Warehouse, Data Pool, Business Licence, Certificate of Registration, Business Transport Permit, Transport Entrepreneurs Licence, and Number of Employees)
  3. The Payment details are also entered into to ensure that your money is secure between us and the vendor.
  4. Vendor Contact will be written out to maximize the security of the customer’s goods.
  5. The type of trucks and the routes all vendors take is also documented.

This stringent routine is to ensure that the customer is 100% secure throughout the transaction. This is done by securing payment through Domestic Bank Level Security, Vendor Scanning, and also driver scanning. With the 3PL service ensuring that all members are safe, secure and compensated for their time.

This shift in security priority is a western trait that is finding its way into Indonesian logistics and can help to re-enforce long time sustainability of the logistics industry and aid adaption to the technological changes that are shaking up business.

Try Kargo today and see let us prove our security to you. 


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