Indonesian Online Marketplace’s, Kargo And The Rest

It is predicted that Indonesia is going to be the next key movers in the technological era throughout Asia. A way of maximising efficiency is to create marketplaces so that customers can easily get a price and comparison rate. is an online marketplace for logistics.

An online marketplace is a type of e-commerce where a product or service information is provided by multiple third parties, and collaborated into a single website or application. These are normally automated online platforms useful for reducing time and comparing many prices. And with 80% of the total commerce in rural Indonesia taking place on mobile phones, a marketplace seems like the logical option in both city and regional areas.

What’s Good About Online Marketplaces?

  1. Advance Technologies which can reduce quotation time, collaborate different prices, and quality of the goods.
  2. Highly scalable model which can allow for rapid growth and expansion.
  3. Traceable metrics and analytics that can create a better customer experience
  4. A much wider larger inventory which can give the customer a much more competitive price across all applicable products.
  5. Can refine products down to specific needs as the marketplace has such a large array of different products with various different specifications.
  6. The accessibility for multiple vendors to be placed into one place can help people in rural areas that cannot reach physical stores.

Examples of the World’s Best Online Marketplaces

  1. Amazon
  2. eBay
  3. craigslist
  4. etsy
  5. Shopify

Indonesian Online Marketplaces

  1. Tokopedia
  2. Bukalapak
  5. Elevenia

Majority of these online marketplaces can be seen facilitator’s of growth and change in their respected industries. Most of these companies are no older that 5 years also. This displays that hyper growth is occurring in the technology industry, and majority of customers are willing to change. Especially the Indonesian online marketplaces, an exponential growth has happened in the past 5 years, and companies like Tokopedia and Bukalapak have thrived. Start-ups like Grab and Go-Jek have seen similar growth but only act as platforms not an online marketplace. act as an online marketplace as there are over 400 separate logistics vendor’s partnered, and over 40,000 different routes. This was the first online marketplace in the Indonesian logistics’ market, and can be seen as market leaders for reducing Indonesian Logistics costs throughout the supply chain.
Within Indonesian freight transport alone, there is 30% of trucks carrying 0% capacity on their back routes. This is hugely inefficient and can be helped with Kargo’s online logistics marketplace. Kargo have 400+ promotion routes that can offer up to 50% off. Majority of these are cheap because the truck will be empty if freight is not in it anyway, so this will reduce back route efficiency by 100% for the logistics vendor.

Kargo’s accessibility and fast-paced quotation system can allow give the ability for any person in either rural or metropolitan areas, on an android or desktop to create an order within seconds.

Get on board with Kargo as a vendor or a customer today and learn how an online logistics marketplace can help you increase efficiency and price estimation!

Instant quotes today.

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