Indonesia’s Ports To Be Developed By Dubai Based DP World

DP World Group, which is a multinational company that offers services related to trade and logistics, has signed a contract indicating with the Indonesian authorities, indicating that the Dubai based firm would help to revamp Kuala Tanjung Greenfield Port and Logistics Zone port as well as the Belawan Port, both of which are in the province of North Sumatra in Indonesia.

The agreement was signed by the  Executive Vice President as well as the Chief Operating Officer (COO) of DP World Group, Mr Anil Wats, along with the President Director of Indonesia’s State Owned Port Operator Pt Pelabuhan Indonesia, Mr Bambang Eka Cahyana.

As part of the agreement between DP World Group and PT Pelubuhan Indonesia (also known as Pelindo), the multinational firm would provide technical assistance to the State owned operator by sharing its knowledge and expertise so as to help the ports to increase their efficiency, developing multi modal transport hub as well as training and developing the capabilities of its employees. All in all this would help the ports of Indonesia progress towards becoming ports of global standards, making it suitable for international trade shipments.

The Port of Belawan is located in North Sumatra. It is one of the ports which are going to be developed by DP World Group, a Dubai based multinational company.

The agreement is expected to help Indonesia’s social and economic growth with a positive impact. Currently, DP World Group has mentioned that it will review the current operations of the Port of Belawan. After which, it will share its experience and advise so as to help the port improve its operations, so as to increase efficiency. On the other hand, it is also planning to review the Kuala Tanjung Greenfield Port and Logistics Zone, so that it could reduce the costs of logistics and shipping. All in all, this is expected to lower the overall prices of such goods being sold in the local markets.

Prior to the signing of this agreement, DP World Group has been active in Indonesia through PT Terminal Petikemas Surabaya is located on the northern coast of East Java along the corners of the Madura Strait. PT Terminal Petikemas Surabaya acts as a gateway to the eastern part of Indonesia by delivering world class efficiencies, customer service and operational standards.

By being active in Surabaya, DP World Group Chairman as well as Chief Executive Officer (CEO) mentioned that it has over 78 terminals in more than 40 countries and by being in Surabaya, it has helped the group to understand the local market much better.

As Indonesia seeks to improve its infrastructure to simplify the process of sending logistics and trade, PT Group can act as an adviser, possibly linking the country to other international markets.

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