Indonesia’s Trucking Population

Kargo is proud to be an official partnering company at the upcoming Retail and Distribution Operations Indonesia Forum, which would be held on 27 July 2017 at JW Marriott Hotel at East Kuningan, Jakarta Indonesia. Furthermore, our Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Mr Yodi Aditya would be a speaker at the upcoming forum. Mr Yodi would be addressing on how you and your business can build a successful logistics in Indonesia through outsourcing.

The talk would be based on large and successful corporations utilising the marketplace model so as to meet their logistics needs. Furthermore, you would also be able to find put how these companies have increased their distribution performance by up to 25% in less than month after following the above mentioned model.

To Introduce the topic, we would kick start by sharing some information about the population of trucks in Indonesia.

Trucks In Indonesia

Altogether there are about 6 million registered trucks all over Indonesia’s 17,000 islands, though the actual figures are expected to be much higher. Furthermore , truck sales are increasing rapidly month after month so as to meet the exponential growth in demand for trucking services.

The reason for the increase in demand for trucks is due to the higher volume of online transactions that are fuelled by the electronic commerce ( e commerce) ventures such as Tokopedia, Lazada and Bukalapak. The number of Indonesians purchasing from online websites have risen tremendously even despite the fact that only 40 percent of Indonesians have access to the internet. As such, the popularity of online shopping has led to an increase in demand for delivery services all across the Indonesian archipelago. But which areas are the most popular with the highest demand?

Where are the trucks concentrated in Indonesia

Though the number of trucks are massive across the islands of Sumatra, Java, Kalimantan and Sulawesi, the majority of trucks are located in Java. There are several reasons for this. One of it being the fact that many of the booming online businesses are based in Java as well as the inherent fact that Jakarta is the most populated island in the whole of Indonesia.

As such, a probable reason that there may be more orders from a place with more people. However, one should not ignore the demand from the islands, as they have become increasingly important to a lot of the companies. Trucking populations there have also been increasing all over Indonesia, and more information such as the actual numbers can be found at the upcoming talk in Jakarta. For more information about the talk, click over here

A few of the many trucks offered by Kargo’s online marketplace for logistics


There are so much of information, data and statistics with regards to trucking and logistics that we would like to share at the forum. We believe that it would be useful for you and your business

Get your tickets at this link and you would be able to meet Kargo and also get a chance to listen to the speakers over at the Retail and Distribution Operations Indonesia Forum, such as our CEO, Mr Yodi Aditya.  Kargo hopes to see you there!

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