Insurance On Cargo Shipments Within Indonesia

Insurance for cargo in Indonesia will always be a suggested option for, but is dependent on the customer to select it. In terms of responsibilities when shipping goods through a freight forwarder, it is best to refer to the ‘Terms & Conditions’ form that is part of the shipment order form.

This refers to the responsibilities of the vendor,, and the customer.

As written in the Terms & Conditions;

Users are required to take out insurance to its goods or property. In the case of User selects Cargo to provide insurance on the goods or property of the User, the User will be charged an additional premium by Cargo in relation to the insurance coverage. In such case, Cargo reserves the right to own insurance provider.

This description best describes the ability for the Customer to select the insurance, and then Kargo will select a insurance company to cover the goods.

If a customer does not select this feature when shipping their goods, any damage or lost goods cannot be replaced or compensated for.

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When shipping Internationally, majority of the logistics vendors will have company insurance.

International shipments require insurance on the shipment for the entry through customs.  This policy must consist of the movement of goods for importation into Indonesia. If this insurance policy is not included with a shipment, it may get moved into the ‘Yellow Lane’ in customs which will delay a shipment, on average 2-3 days.

Usages and Kargo Services and the relationship between User 

  1. Before an User can use Kargo’s Services, it must agree to the Terms and Conditions
  2. Once gaining access to Kargo Services, User can access the services offered by the Vendor.
  3. The user acknowledges that any relationship between civil and legal relations arise with Vendor, and not Kargo, therefore Kargo is not a party and not have any legal benefits. The legal responsibility in any form in connection with a civil relationship and legal relationship between the User and Vendor.
  4. If insurance is selected, the User will have third party insurance, and will be covered for when the Vendor is carrying the goods. Kargo will organised this insurance.
  5. Any information is protected due to availability of personal data. Therefore, all of Kargo’s goods are confidential.

If any of these goods are prohibited as seen in the terms and conditions, the insurance will not be applicable.

When shipping with, the insurance on goods is a highly effective risk mitigation method, and is highly recommended for good that’s are fragile, expensive or have high sentimental value. This method can not only protect your goods, but it will also compensate for any damage that may occur.

This protection can ensure your goods get from A to B, and if not, no losses will be occurred.
Kargo have a 100% delivery rate success and pride their vendors on successful, fast deliveries for any sort of goods throughout Indonesia, and beyond.

International shipments will receive automatic insurance, and domestic can be selected in the form above.

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