International Parcel Delivery Services Indonesia: Exporting and Importing Parcels

The sending of parcels is a way to send goods larger than a size of a paper but not large enough to be considered as a big good. These items are typically not heavy in terms of their weight (can be carried by a person easily).  It is sent by one party to another, either between businesses to businesses, individuals to individuals, or increasingly, businesses to individuals.

Parcel shipping has been the most popular type of shipments in the past decade. According to Statista, its popularity is expected to grow even further due to the increasing proliferation of e commerce businesses, which is especially so in Indonesia. However, apart from e commerce shipments, the sending or receiving of parcels may not always be an easy task. There are usually many formalities to complete and also costs to adhere to. Furthermore, the costs sometimes arise out of the blue as hidden costs. As such, the cost of shipping ends up costing a whole lot more. However, the worst case scenario is being able to pay for all the various fees and still losing your parcel shipment while in transit.  As such, in this article, we would address more about the various parcel delivery services as well as Kargo’s new feature of delivering parcels for consumers and business. For more related articles, click here

goods that you can or cannot import to indonesia

Existing Shipping Modes for Importing or Exporting Parcels

Currently, to import or export parcels to Indonesia, many individuals rely on established local as well as global players in the field. Global parcel delivery services which are popular are DHL, UPS or even FedEx. Local Indonesian providers are Jalur Nugraha Ekakurir (JNE) or Pos Indonesia. These are some of the common companies used for parcel delivery by individuals and businesses. These companies are known for their large network all over the world where they can help to send and receive goods from various cities and countries as well as multiple services to make the import/export services more convenient.

Common Issues, Concerns and Even Complaints With The Conventional Parcel Delivery Services

Despite the fact that there are many prominent parcel delivery operators in Indonesia, there are some issues and concerns raised by users of the past. Some of the local companies take extremely long time to deliver (more longer than the time they claim to deliver) as well as have very limited or inconvenient modes of tracking the shipments. The use of  global companies on the other hand are more expensive, and if you were to add up all the different costs for import or export, the total cost of shipping may become more than the cost of the good itself.

How We Solve The Problem

We would be rolling out our import and export services for parcels in the coming days. We aim to provide the lowest prices as well as transparent shipping process. This is done by using Kargo’s platform to make an order. This would allow our customer to see the various prices for international delivery to the location they choose, allowing them to make a comparison. Furthermore, after making the order, they can track their shipments real time using a code seamlessly.


The new option would be available in the coming days. Until then, if you have a question, comment below or click here. To see more of Kargo’s  various services to send goods, click here.

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