Jakarta No Longer the Capital of Indonesia?

According to various sources, come 2018 or 2019, Jakarta may no longer be the capital of Indonesia. This was announced by the Indonesian Government and time will tell if the move would really happen. Jakarta has long been the capital of Indonesia since the archipelago nation had gained independence from the Dutch. In this article, we would be analysing the prospects of Indonesia moving its capital to another city as well as where the next city might actually be. For more articles related to Indonesia, trade and logistics, you may click here.

Jakarta, the Current Capital City

Jakarta has been the capital of Indonesia since the country gained independence. During the colonisation by the Dutch, Jakarta was also a trading post, where it was known as Batavia in the past. Today, Jakarta is the heart of Indonesia’s politics, business as well as culture where people from all over the archipelago’s 17,000 islands come to for opportunities. Furthermore, Jakarta is the most populous city in the region of Java.

Jakarta, the most populated city in Indonesia is the country’s capital and the center for business, politics and culture

The reason for moving out of Jakarta

Though Jakarta has traditionally been the country’s capital, there have been several plans to move the country’s capital to a different city in a different region. This is considering the fact that the island of Java is the richest economy in Indonesia. For several years, there have been proposals to shift the country’s capital due to the fact that Jakarta is overpopulated. It  is common to see bad traffic due to high volume of vehicles in the gridlocked city. Furthermore, the result of overpopulation has caused a constant degradation of the environment, which has caused air and land pollution. However, the move worries many people in the business sector, as many companies, major banks and even startups are all headquarted in the city of Jakarta. Several groups, such as the Indonesian Chambers of Commerce have voiced their opinions about the move stating that it would be too inconvenient or costly.

Where would the new capital  city be?

The government plans to make the new capital city completely outside the region of Java. Many have said that the island of Kalimantan is the key region that is being analysed and cities such as Balikpapan and Palangkaraya have been named by experts.However,  the Indonesian Government insists that they are still looking at alternatives. Time will tell if the move of the capital city would actually happen, and which city it might even be in.

What are your thoughts about the proposal and where do you think that Indonesia might move its capital next? Let us know in the comments below!

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