Living and Working In Indonesia and What To Pack

what to bring when travelling to indonesiaPacking may not be the most enjoyable thing to do, especially if you would be away for the long-term in another country as an expat. There are just so many things to consider. Do not worry! We have curated a list of 5 aspects and things you should pack (or at least, consider) when deciding to move into Indonesia.

The Kind of Clothing To Pack

If you are coming from countries with colder climates, maybe it would not be a good idea to bring all those warm overcoats, jackets and pullovers. Indonesia is a country with a tropical climate, which means its technically summer all year round! So, opt for some t-shirts and pants with breathable fabric instead! Do not forget your sunglasses too. As it occasionally rains in the archipelago, do remember to bring along your raincoat!

Bringing Your Medication

As an expat relocating to another country, it is good practice to always bring your medication along, as you can never be sure if you could purchase the exact medicine in the host country. Having your medication with you when you arrive in Indonesia would allow you to save time from searching high and low at all the various pharmacies. To be safe, bring a few months supply worth of medication. This would help you buy time as you could search locally in the meantime.

What About Furniture and Household Items

Moving your furniture to the expat country may not be as straightforward as you have to engage a mover. This is similar for household items as well. If you are moving to a house that is already furnished, then it may not necessarily be important to move all your furniture and household items to your new accommodation. However, if you are willing to move all the items, then you should consider the size of your furniture. For instance, if you are currently living in a house with large sized sofas, you should consider if they still could into your accommodation in Indonesia, especially if it is an apartment. As for movers to handle all your goods, you could submit a query here.

Mobile Phones, Laptops And Other Electrical Appliances

This could often be overlooked but if you are moving to  Indonesia, do be aware that the types of plugs used may be vastly different from what you actually use back in your home country. In Indonesia, the common plug types are C, F and G. If you are not using such plug types, it is highly recommended to buy an adapter. We recommend a universal adaptor as it works, you guessed it, all around the world. This adapter would be of great assistance when charging your mobile phones, laptops and when using the electrical appliances that you have brought from home.

All The Documentation and Paperwork You Need

This is probably the most important. As an expatriate in Indonesia, it is advisable to have to all your documents with you at all times, even after you are already in Indonesia as it is not uncommon for foreigners to be stopped by the police for checking. Therefore, remember to have your passport, work contract, medical records and any other document which you think is important.

These are our 5 things to pack when moving to Indonesia. Feel free to share your thoughts below.

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