Living In Indonesia and Where to Immigrate To

There are so many different cities spread throughout Indonesia, all with very different attributes.
Jakarta can be seen as the capital of business, population, and of course, traffic. But places like Bandung, Balikpapan, Surakarta, Malang, Yogyakarta, Palembang, Makassar have all also been named when people are asked about ‘Most Livable Cities’.

A gauge when thinking about places to move to would be the Indonesian Association of Planners (IAP) survey of ‘The Most Livable City’. This takes into consideration Economic Development, Facilities, Cleanliness, Transportation, and Urban Planning. The ratings system was based on a total score of 100. This would be 100% livability is the maximum.

In the most recent survey, which was completed in 2014, average for all the cities surveyed was 63.62%. The overall winner for all cities was Balikpapan at 71.12%. This was trailed second by Solo and Melang, both scoring 69.30%. Jakarta, business capital of Indonesia came in with 62.14%, 1.4% below the average. If you are basing your movements on the most livable, you will be finding yourself in some very rural areas of Indonesia, but be very comfortable.

Most Livable Cities In Indonesia 

Balikpapan, Borneo, Sulawesi. Northern Indoneisa; 71.12% 

Key Characteristics

  • Population; 701,000
  • One of the most developed cities as the long-term investment in oil and energy products.
  • It has a strong presence of Western influence and can be shown overall aesthetics of the city.
  • As the city is based on the coastline, there are beaches which are swim-able and safe.
  • With the city having large scale development, it also large shopping center’s and lively streets (Jalan Sudirman)
  • As the long-term investment of oil and energy, the airport has been re-developed and given a modern make-over. This follows in step with the developed transport and accommodation.
  • A very strong community of expats and foreigners that have regular meetings and networking events, called the Balikpapan Expats

Solo, aka Surakarta, Central Java; 69.30% 

Key Characteristics

  • Population; 570,000
  • One of the more traditional cities within Indonesia, with predominately Javanese culture.
  • In relation to the expat community, it is relatively small in relation to other surrounding cities, with an estimated 250 foreigners, ranging from all parts of the world.
  • The community group of SEA (Solo Expats Association) are aiming at working effectively with the local community to try and minimize disaster damage and helping to support the local community members when needed. This NGO is ensuring that the western influence is positive and helpful.

Honorable Mention for Expats

Bali, Depensar, Southern Indonesia; 69.30%

  • Population; 4.255 million
  • Indonesian’s tourism hot-spot, with nearly 4 million foreigners travel annually.
  • 80% of the cities income is tourism based.
  • One of the most developed, western part of Indonesia, where English is widely spoken.
  • The religion in comparison to majority of Indonesia, is 83% Balinese Hinduism. This creates a lot of cultural variation and polarizing views between the two islands.

Yogyakarta, Yogyakarta Region, Central/East Java

  • Population; 3.594 million
  • With majority of the population being students, the slow-paced life style fits like a glove for those in Jogja.
  • Much less development than other cities in Indonesia has granted an open plan city, with mountains, rivers and natural resources throughout.
  • Lots of external activities include mountain hiking, beach going, and relaxing throughout the beautiful landscape.

All of these places are riddled with many expats and have huge potential for further development. When people are looking for places to live, it should most definitely incorporate the distance via car they will be travelling to regularly. The traffic will always cause headaches.

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