LTL and What is Most Cost Effective

Logistics terminology can often be confusing and changing. LTL is rising in demand with the e-commerce boom and people wanting to ship smaller packages throughout Indonesia.

  • LTL is defined as a ‘Less Than Truck Load’.
  • This means that for any shipment that does not require a full truck, and can be moved in one movement.
  • There are lots of different companies that manage parcels, which normally only range up to 50kg. Once above this weight it will be up to the company to decide their price rates. has the ability to manage large scale shipments in weights of tonnes, but also smaller loads that require less than truck loads.

In relation to terminology, Kargo use the semantics of ‘expedition’ when selecting the type of shipment on our marketplace.

Currently, Kargo has over 8,000 different routes that can do LTL throughout Indonesia, via sea, land or air freight.

How they are measured

The most common way of measuring LTL is that of cost per kilogram. Majority of logistics vendors will use this measurement, but there are exceptions.

Some companies, mainly international freight will use the measurement of cost per CBM. This is dependent on the mode of transport.

Why Choose LTL?

For a person shipping over 20kg, and in need of a shipment but do not require a full vehicle, this is when LTL is most effective.

Is it Cost Effective?

For a person that does not need large space, LTL can be highly cost effective, especially if the goods is a large size but only a small weight (such as a box with lots of packaging, foam etc.).

On website, as there is over 8,000 separate price lists on the marketplace, comparing and choosing the best rate can be very easy. This will not only reduce costs as there is a wider price range, but also because it will save time and inquiry time.


With LTL the use of various different vehicles is also applicable. This means that you can use a large Wing-box or you can select a Car. This gives diversity but also practicability. If you are sending goods from door-to-door the selection of a Car can get down narrow, smaller streets or more rugged terrain.


Currently at Kargo, the smallest LTL is 20kg. Anything above this weight is possible.

With LTL, the packages sent in the shipment can have multiple drop off points. This means if you have several packages you can choose to drop them off in separate places, door-to-door. These 2kg packages can be as many as needed. One of the best features for e-commerce and any company doing multiple small parcels.

LTL Usages

LTL logistics has a huge rising demand with the Indonesian e-commerce boom, and also the economy having rising disposable income. Both of these are needing for more and more shipments throughout the country. has a huge range of LTL routes and prices, all of which cater for any shipment above 20kg.

Get your goods shipped today for a cheap, affordable price in a LTL shipment.

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