Meaning of Consignment Note, Trans Shipments and Advance Notice

Exporting and Importing can often be an extremely complicated and mundane process as there are so many rules, regulations as well as countless  number of procedures to adhere to. This, many a times, may require to prepare and submit documents for import and export. Usually, freight forwarders would prepare it  for us, but it is also good to know for ourselves as to how to complete the relevant documents by understanding what the terms mean.

As such, in our new article series titled “Export Terms”, we would  introduce you to all the various terms used in the international trade, be it through air, land or sea freight. We would roll out one related article on a regular basis, which would help you to get a comprehensive understanding as to the document and logistics preparation for the purpose of doing trade internationally.

In this article, we would be analysing the meaning of consignment note, trans shipments and Advance Notice. Share this article among your friends and families if you find it useful. We post articles daily on the web site of

What is a Consignment Note

A consignment note refers to a document that is prepared by a consignor and is afterwards countersigned by the carrier (logistics company) for evidence of the receipt of consignment for delivery at the named destination. This Consignment Note is usually used as an alternative for the Bill of Lading . However, the consignment note cannot be used as a negotiable instrument and does not equate to a contract of carriage.

What is a Trans Shipment

As its name suggests, trans shipments refer to a transfer of shipment from one shipping vessel or aircraft vessel to another vessel so as to continue its journey. Usually, trans shipments are made when there are no direct air, land or sea routes from the origin to destination. Sometimes, even if there are routes, it may be blocked or it is more difficult for the goods to enter the destination if it is from a certain origin.

The nature of trans shipments cause the goods to be exposed to more risk, damage and even loss. Therefore, some purchase orders and letters of credit do not allow trans shipments to be made.

Trans shipments refer to a transfer of shipment from one shipping vessel or aircraft vessel to another vessel so as to continue its journey

What is an Advance Notice

An Advance notice gives out an advice of an upcoming event or obligation. This is referred to situations when a shipment is about to arrive or the due date of a payment.  As such, an advance notice is often issued so as to alert all the relevant parties.

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