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Once the major decision that has to be made by a person is to move house, but the next step is making sure that you chose the right company to move your goods. This comes down to large array of factors;

  1. Are you moving International or Domestic?
  2. Will you take all of your current household goods with you?
  3. What are you going to need in the new place?
  4. Am I going to bring the Labrador? Or any pets?
  5. How many people do I need to cater for? Family, kids etc.


All of these questions are key to the moving process and many more are also. This is where you get to the thought of, ‘I need an expert to help’.

That’s exactly why this article was written, to help you, the customer with any basic or complicated questions you may be faced with. Within Indonesia there are 1000’s of different logistics companies, freight forwarders, 3PL and 4PL companies. Overly complicated steps are driving this industry, and anything to help minimise supply chain wastage and reduce inefficiency’s is Kargo’s goal.

Key Company Names;  

Allied Pickford’s; 

  • One of the oldest International Movers in Indonesia and have a very professional service.
  • Offer a pre-moving, moving day, and post-moving day experience.
  • Come to your house and take photos and estimate the required among of shipping space.
  • Quotation is not instant for the route and estimation of size.


  • Specialise in high end art and specialty goods.
  • Manage office relocation and large scale housing movements.
  • Have managed some large scale companies (Samsung, Kraft)
  • No instant quotation or same day delivery.

Crown Logistics 

  • Offer pet relocation
  • Manage various areas of the logistics supply chain industry. This includes Retail, Fashion, Cosmetics, to even Hotel Supply Chain Management.
  • Based in China but have a large array of regional hubs (Jakarta Based)
  • Offer intercultural communication and training

How to Make an Order at Traditional Housing Movers

  1. Enter interest on their websites or via phone call.
  2. Put in the details of your shipment (includes date, time of the day, origin, and also destination)
  3. This basic information is gathered and found by a team member at the respectable companies.
  4. Then a member will call the customer, arranging a time for the movers to come to the customers house. The customer is suggested to be home at this time. Can either be during the day or after work.
  5. One the member arrives, they take photos of all the items being shipped, and estimate either CBM size or the overall weight and dimensions of the goods.
  6. This is then taken and a quote is generated, along side a consultation on how their goods would like to be moved or any fragile equipment or animals.
  7. A shipment date is selected and then organised if the quote is accepted by the customer. This process takes minimum of 3 days.

How to Make an Order/ Inquiry at

  1. Enter your details into the form on our website (destination, origin, photos, packing list)
  2. Select the type of vehicle you think would be appropriate (dimensions and CBM measurements are in the info-graphics)
  3. Press send and a quote is created.
  4. This is sent to vendors and they select on the availability of their trucks.
  5. Customer has been selected and payment will be sent from the customer to This can be sent within 24hrs of payment.

Compare the two.

Fast, Reliable and Transparent

Try today and prove us wrong.

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