Moving and Relocating in Indonesia

Indonesia is a place of hustle and bustle with heavy traffic and long lead times between towns. A lot of expats and foreigner’s will often have a lot of problems settling into a single location as work locations are diverse. This will mean moving house can be a regular occurance.
When an expat is moving house, movers will often come and take photos of the house, the items being moved, then estimate weight, and once all is included will write a quotation for the customer. At our vendors have both options, if the customer is in a rush to move, the customer can estimate how much space will be needed and the weight of the items. Or often when a customer is moving internationally, the vendor will ask for photos of the items being moved to ensure that the goods clear custom’s fluently. This will allow for huge reductions in time delays, and majority of the time be much cheaper (An accurate quote can reduce overpricing and additional costs when travelling through customs).

Features that Offer to Customers

Additonal Labour
If the cargo shipment has heavy items, additional labor can be requested. As well as extra labor, the items can be insured by This is done by customer request.


When a customer is making an order on our online system or with one of our team members, the option for insurance can be offered, and an amount (equal to the goods costs) can be entered. Kargo offers up to $10,000 cost for insurance. As so many belongings in a family’s house have sentimental value, we ensure that they are 110% by selecting only the best movers in Indonesia.

Additional Packaging
A pet-stress for anyone moving house is the packaging. Packaging can be seen as problem with large, bulky, or fragile items. The selection of additional packaging is also offered by which can ensure that all items in the shipment arrive safely to the customer’s new house. Types of packing that Kargo’s logistics companies offer are such as bubble wrap, cardboard boxes, professional stacking and rug/blanket protection. As particular vendors that have partnerships with are professional housing movers, it can give reassurance for any person moving from A to B.

Pet Moving

Animals are a common moving hassle as of their special requirements. For long duration they will need certain amount of space, water, food, and a safe journey. Within Indonesia there are many pet moving services and can also be offered by

Project Shipments

Another problem that can be faced when moving house is that of not having a large enough truck for large bulky items and the complete shipment requirements. This can be solved by having a project solution in which multiple trucks can be sent to location to ensure that all items are movable. This will make ensure that goods will be sent in one journey and returning won’t be necessary. Especially for when moving long duration’s such as Jakarta to Surabaya, all packages will fit into a single or multiple trucks, but a single trip.

Door-to-Door Services

When moving throughout Indonesia, the household goods may need to be relocated from one island to another. This is where an additional ship may be needed to get the goods to the next door. When organizing services with Kargo’s team, this will be recognized and a quotation will include door to door services for all locations across domestic Indonesia, including regional islands. offer a wide array of services and household moving is a specialty. We can ensure fast, reliable transport with transparent pricing. Check it out today, and ship today!

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