Moving Motorcycles and Cars in Indonesia

Indonesia’s massive land space and increasing traffic across major cities can sometimes make it a hassle to drive your cars and motorcycles to another city. The problem is further aggravated when you are going to another city in a different island which makes it extremely tedious and cumbersome to drive or  move your vehicles even if  you want to do so.

As such, in this article we would be talking about how you can move your cars and motorcycles in Indonesia with, Indonesia’s number one marketplace for logistics.

Our services are unique yet simple to understand. We have over 400 logistics vendors listed on our marketplace, with each vendor specialised in a wide variety of logistics services all across the Indonesian archipelago.

How to Move Cars in Indonesia

The Isuzu CDD Long Box Giga FTR 90 S is our featured truck when it comes to transporting cars across IndonesiaIf you are looking to move your cars, fret not. We have trucks that are specialised in moving cars across the Indonesian archipelago. For instance, our CDD Long Box Isuzu Giga FTR 90 S truck is optimal to help you transport your vehicle to another city such as Jakarta, Surabaya, Medan, Bali and anywhere in Indonesia that you want it to be.

In order to book a truck for for car moving services, you can access the following link at This would redirect you to the page for making bookings on car transportation services.

From there, you would be required to key in a couple of key details which would allow us to find a vendor that would be willing to carry out the transportation service for you. The process of finding a vendor would take a few hours, after which you can expect the shipment to be underway!

How to Move Motorcycles in Indonesia

Motorcycles are perhaps more popular than cars when it comes to moving services for vehicles. Furthermore. motorcycles do not necessarily have a type of truck to carry out the transportation unlike cars due to their small sie. As such, We have a wide array of trucks available for moving motorcycles and we have moved several motorcycle across Indonesia in the past.

One of Kargo’s customers using the transportation service for motorcycles

Similar to booking a car moving service in Indonesia, if you are looking to move your motorcycle, you can click on the following link at to make a booking with Kargo. This would take  require you to key in a couple of  details which would allow us to find a vendor that would be willing to carry out the transportation service for your motorcycle. The process of finding a vendor would take a few hours just like the car moving service.

So what are you waiting for? try Kargo!

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