Planning Your Move To Indonesia- What You Should Do

Moving to a new country for a long period of time can be exciting, nerve wrecking or perhaps both! Not only will you be exposed to life in another country, but you will also be given many opportunities to soak in the local culture, as well as enjoy working in a different environment. On that note, proper planning is needed before you step foot in to the new country of yours. In this article, we would share with you some easy to follow tips as well as useful information before you make that move to Indonesia, the tropical Southeast Asian country. For more useful articles related to Moving to Indonesia as well as expats, click here.

Preparing A Checklist

The purpose of preparing a checklist is for  you to set an outline as to to the list of things you expect to be completed, all to facilitate the smooth transition of moving to Indonesia. Do you need to prepare school admission forms for your children? Or you need to research as to whether the Indonesian supermarkets they have your favourite products? Write them down as a list so that you would not forget.

Familiarising With The Culture And The Lifestyle

If you are not familiar with Indonesian culture or language, now is a good time to do a bit of reading. The last thing you would want is to reach there and be hit with a culture shock that could throw you off guard. Learn the basics of the language. A simple ‘hello’ or a ‘excuse me’ would go a long way. On the other hand, it is also important to ensure that you know where your housing, schools, nearest amenities as well as services are. If you can, the best way to understand and to make sure that everything is in order is  to take a trip to Indonesia.

Check If You Have All the Required Documents

Are your passports and visas in order? Check if your  passports are not expired and if the visa you have obtained is the correct visa, which would allow you to stay in Indonesia with your family with no problems. Also prepare all other required documents and information that you might need to facilitate your stay in Indonesia. They can be medical, academic or legal records. Do Make sure you have all them handy.

Consider Selling or Renting Away Your Items

Since you might not be in your home country for quiet a while, it is a good chance to let your property or car for rent, so as to earn an extra income. Furthermore, you could consider selling your household items if you are not going to bring them over to Indonesia. Maybe organise a garage sell to get rid of the unwanted clutter once and for all.

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