Rent A Truck in 4 Easy Steps in Indonesia

Trucks are a great way to move and transport goods that are either too heavy ( we are talking about a few hundred kilos), too large or simply just too much of a hassle for  you carry the goods on your own. In this article, we show you how you could rent a truck in Indonesia in just 4 easy steps.

rent tronton and wingbox truck

Step One: Knowing what you have

You should know your goods better than anyone else. Knowing what they are, its dimensions and volume is extremely important. Furthermore, even knowing whether the goods could survive in certain conditions or temperatures is equally important. This is important to help us and yourself know which type of truck is best for your needs. If you want to know more about the trucks offered at Kargo, click here to learn about the various truck type we have just for you

Step Two: Going to make the booking

Making the booking is a fast and seamless process. Click here if you do not believe us. All you have to do when you visit our page is to fill in the location, destination and type of truck you need.  If the prices that you are looking for is not available, be sure to to fill in the inquiry form instead as we still offer that service, just that we do it on request, tailored to your needs. After filling the booking form, you are done for your part!

Step Three: Wait for the confirmation

Typically in the Indonesian logistics industry, it takes about 12-14 days before a shipment is being confirmed. But at Kargo, we make sure that we do it in just 60 minutes. All you have to do at this step is to wait for the confirmation from your Person in Charge. This is the stage where we would search among our four hundred logistics companies to help you make the delivery possible. After sixty minutes, expect us to contact you and let you know that your shipment can now be executed.

Step Four: Make The Shipment

This is where it all ends. Your allocated Person in Charge would contact you so that you could make your shipment on the specified date and time. What you can do is prepare your goods for the shipment, as well as make the payment to Kargo. Once all the mundane nitty gritty stuff has been settled, your chosen logistics company would come to the location to pick up the goods for the loading process. After loading, the truck makes its way to the specified location!

In summary, this is how a shipment via truck takes place at Kargo. It is simpler, faster and of course, more efficient than the traditional means of logistics support in Indonesia. There are only four steps which you have to take, where the entire process would only take up to or even less than 60 minutes to confirm the vendor. All in all, we seek to make your life easier by providing you with all the logistics support.

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