Rent Mitsubishi L300 Pick Up Truck and Minibus in Indonesia

We have added new truck models to our fleet to better suit your needs, for all sizes. As such, in this article, we would introduce the Mitsubishi L300 Pick Up Truck and Minivan. Over the next week, Kargo would be introducing the other new truck models that are currently in use in the Indonesian Logistics Industry 2017.

Truck rental is becoming increasingly popular for the moving of large goods from one city to another. It is often used by businesses to move their products or by individuals who just need to move all their items with a truck as it is more convenient for them, usually for house moving purposes. In a country like Indonesia with more than 17,000 islands spanning across Southeast Asia, it is good to know about the various trucks available in the Indonesian Logistics Industry, especially if you are an expat from a foreign country.

If you have not read about the 20 other trucks such as Engkel, FUSO, Grandmax, Mitsubishi Colt Diesel , Wingbox or Tronton click here. It will help you decide better on which truck is suitable for your moving needs.

Mitsubishi L300 Pick Up Truck

The Mitsubishi L300 is a classic pick up truck with a dimension of 417 cm x 170 cm x 184 cm. The maximum weight capacity is at approximately 1165 kilograms. As for the bak, its dimensions are 242 cm x 144 cm x 138cm. As such, it is of similar dimensions and capacity as the other trucks, such as the Daihatsu Hi Max and Mitsubishi T120SS. Pick Up trucks generally do not come with an enclosed bak, rather the top is exposed as shown in the picture below

Mitsubishi L300 is your go to pick up truck with a bak that could help you store all your goods

Mitsubishi L300 Minibus

Though this Mitsubishi carries the same L300 term as the truck mentioned above, this is a minibus version. As such, the dimensions are different. The dimensions of the minibus 431 cm x 188 cm x 197 cm. Though, the dimensions are larger than the other model, its weight capacity is much lesser, at 1090 kilograms. Furthermore, the minibus does not have a seperate bak to store all the goods. Therefore, the capacity is much smaller

Mitsubishi L300 Minibus

we have 20 different models for individuals as well as businesses to rent for the purpose of sending their goods to another city in Indonesia! For domestic shipments, you could rent our trucks as we have the most affordable rates as we have more than 400 vendors for you to choose from. Over the next week, we would be covering the details of each type of truck we have to offer. To see the latest prices for sending of goods via trucks in domestic Indonesia, click here

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