Rent Trucks Anywhere in Indonesia 2017 is the first startup in Indonesia to conceptualise the business opportunity of aggregating with customers as well as the various logistics service providers. With its inception in 2015, it has quickly grown to become a startup for every type of logistics need. It may be a truck, a vessel or an aircraft. Kargo today is able to provide logistics services across the land, air as well as the sea, both nationally and internationally. In this article, we would elaborate on the various trucking services offered by us. For articles about logistics in Indonesia such as this, feel free to click here

Rent Trucks Anywhere in Indonesia

As mentioned above, Kargo  is an online marketplace that provides  on demand logistics services for business and individuals. Currently, we have over 400 companies listed on our online marketplace, with each company, or vendor as we like to call it, specialise in services different from each other. We have a wide variety of services that could be tailored to the needs of you or your business.

Currently, with Kargo’s huge network of more than 400 logistics vendors, it allows businesses and individuals to book a trucking service anytime, anywhere on the Kargo‘s  website over here. The website also contains a consolidated list of prices which you could view for your particular location and destination of shipment.

Kargo’s Trucking Services

Apart from our truck rental services to help businesses send and transport their goods, we also have container rental services, home moving services, chiller/reefer truck rental services, dangerous  goods services and even international parcel delivery services from Indonesia.

With the wide array of shipping services available, we also have a huge fleet that are on standby. This means you would not have to wait for long periods of time before your order can be shipped. Most of  our orders are executed in just a day most of the time.  The process of ordering usually goes through bidding, where a vendor would choose to execute your service. This can take up to two hours maximum on most occasions. Upon confirming a vendor, you can proceed to make the payment via bank transfer to Kargo. Upon payment and processing, the order can be sent out for delivery. In a typical Indonesian logistics company this process could take up to a week instead, due to the manual operating methods being used

Using Kargo for your next shipment allows you to save time and money as we have a fleet ready to ship on demand

Kargo provides our partners and customers with technological features such as real time tracking. This is as such, allows customers to track the stage of their shipment at any time as our partner trucks are equipped with such functions.

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