Shipping Costs From Indonesia To Singapore

Here’s how you can send parcels and documents to Singapore

We introduced our latest offering at Kargo yesterday- International Door To Door delivery services!

To date, we have been focusing on domestic services within Indonesia and in a few years since our inception, our services have expanded to air, sea as well as land freight throughout the Indonesian archipelago. By partnering several companies, logistics providers and several individual customers, we have grown to become a household startup in the Indonesian logistics industry.

Now, we have added international parcel and document delivery services from Indonesia to the rest of the world. In this article, we would be focusing on how to send parcels as well as documents from Indonesia to Singapore.

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Understanding What You Need To Send

Are you sending document papers or physical items? that is the first aspect which you should distinguish. Also, do make sure that your parcels are no larger than 50 kilograms (KG). As anything more than that weight would mean that the items have to be sent as a freight shipment.

After identifying, head over to our website at  Over here, you would be able to use our ‘cek harga’ option to check the current rates to send parcels, documents at the various types of weight. For a more specific quote in relation to the weight of your document or parcel, use the ‘kalkulator’ option. The kalkulator would give you a more definite and accurate price quote. Upon checking the prices, you could click on the order option. Typically, we would need just one working day in order to deliver your items to Singapore.

Kargo’s international parcel delivery services is now available in Indonesia

Entering The Key Details

It is important to know which locations are you want us to collect your items from. At the same time, we also have to know the complete address of the location in Singapore. For example, if you are sending to an apartment in Singapore, you need to have the apartment block number, street name, unit number as well as the postal code. Do not forget to include the recipient’s name as well as if there are any special instructions that we should know of, feel free to let us know too.

We would also need the dimensions of the item, its  weight and the value of the item that you would need to send as well. Lastly, do include the details of the package on the description to let us know as to the type of content that you would be sending over.

Payment and Tracking

Upon completing the order form for the delivery, our team would receive the information and make the necessary arrangements so as to facilitate the delivery of your parcels and documents. On the other hand, you could make the payment though bank transfer to Kargo. You would also be given a tracking code so as to be informed on the different stages your items are at. Give us just one working day, and your parcel/documents would reach Singapore.

If you have a question, comment below or click here. To see more of Kargo’s various logistics services for you and your business, click here. Share this article!

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    My company would like to send wood pellets about 500 – 3,000 MT, with long terms contract, could you emailing me shipping cost from Indonesia to Singapore?

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