Should You Leave These Items Or Bring Them To Indonesia?- kitchen appliances, clothes, cosmetics and more

Moving to a new country for a long period of time can be exciting, nerve wrecking or perhaps both! Not only will you be exposed to life in another country, but you will also be given many opportunities to soak in the local culture, as well as enjoy working in a different environment. You may also be confused about which items to bring to Indonesia and which of the items you should leave instead. As such, in this article we would be talking about the various things that you should either consider bringing or leaving in Indonesia. For more useful articles related to Moving to Indonesia as well as expats, click here.

Items of High Value

If you are considering to bring in items to put on display or for decorative purposes in your new accommodation, we recommend to not bring antiques, heirloom items or any items with extremely high value. If you do, we suggest having a safe to store them.Also, do remember to get insurance for all your items

Kitchen Appliances and Cutlery

You can get most of your electrical appliances in Indonesia. The electricity runs at 220 Volts AC there. Furthermore, the plug has a pin type C and F.  So do check your appliances before bringing over and remember to have an adapter handy. As for  cutlery, you could simply purchase them at the local stores in Indonesia


As Indonesia has a tropical climate throughout its territories, temperatures are at 30 degrees Celsius on average. As such, we recommend summer or light weight clothing. However, we recommend to wear outfits that could be deemed  as ‘conservative’ as locals tend to frown upon clothing in which they would consider as ‘too revealing’ . Formal wear such as suits can also be worn for business and at the workplace. However,bring your jackets and some clothes that would be appropriate for the cold as certain areas of Indonesia such as the mountainous ones, can get pretty cold.

Tip: While you are there, you may want to consider wearing ‘batik’ (as seen below) for formal occasions if you fancy yourself wearing it. Batik is a type of Indonesian clothing and many a times, they are worn for formal occasions. So if you want to get a feel of Indonesian clothing, opt for batik!

Perfumes and cosmetics

For your perfumes, cosmetics as well as other personal items, we recommend to bring in your own even if  they are available in Indonesia. This is because imported products in Indonesia is expensive and if you are to find somewhere cheap, chances are it may be a counterfeit product as well. The best is to get stock up from your home country. Or you could try seeking some cheaper alternatives locally.

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