The 12 Signs on Your Box- Shipping Signs on Boxes and More

Often enough, we use boxes in many aspects of our lives. Whether it is to store old items, moving to another country or the need to move goods on behalf of your business, boxes always come into play. Many a times, the boxes used have signs, symbols or even written descriptions on them. However, many a times we may not know all of the signs or symbols that are being used. As such, Kargo has come up with a quick an easy guide to help you understand more about the various marks, symbols and signs. If you find this article useful, remember to comment and share with your friends!

Pictorial Symbols

Pictorial Symbols (or Pictorial Markings) are basically picture symbols which are rather large and occupy a prominent position on the cardboard boxes.

  1. Temperature Sensitive- The goods are not able to handle too high or low temperatures





2. Keep Dry- The goods should not be wet as it might affect its quality




3.  Fragile- If not handled with care, the goods may be broken. Commonly used for glass, ceramic or other easily breakable type of materials.

4. This Way Up- The direction of the arrows indicate how the box should be open so as to remove the goods in a safe manner

5. Center of Gravity- These are the goods that need to be carried in such a way so as to avoid dropping or toppling it over

6. No Hooks- The box must not be in contact with hooks that could penetrate it at all times.

7. No Stacking Please – This is an obvious one- Do not stack the boxes one above the other

8. Photography material- This box contains photographic type of items like films and equiment

9.  Lift Box Here-If the boxes need to be lifted, look out for this sign as it shows the direction it should be lifted

10. Handle With Care- Boxes with such pictorial signs should be handled with care or else it may get damaged

11. Protect from Heat- Always keep such boxes in cool conditions as leaving them in the heat may damage the goods inside

Protect From Heat Symbol - Shipping Marks

12. Food- Boxes with symbols like this indicate that there are food and beverages inside

Food Symbol - Shipping Marks


Many of the boxes have more than just pictorial marks or symbols  as mentioned above. Here are the other bits and pieces of information that you could possibly find on your box for shipments

Weight Marking- Usually inclusive of gross and net weight  in pounds and kilograms

Country of origin- To indicate the location where the goods are from

Number of package- How many types of goods are in the box

Dimension of package- The size of the goods inside the box

Consignee’s mark- To Indicate the person that is supposed to receive the goods in the place of destination

Destination- Indicated to show where the goods are headed

Order Number- For identification and Administrative purposes 

So these are the information that you could find on your box when moving your goods. If you have any thoughts or queries, comment below!  Or you could fill in a form here

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