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We are Kargo, a technology startup based in Jakarta, Indonesia. What Kargo seeks to do is to make the process and cost of logistics faster and cheaper respectively. This is needed in a developing country with more than 17000 islands stretching from the coasts of Malaysia and going all the way east until the borders of Australia and Papua New Guinea. Being a country with so many islands, there are definitely many ports in the archipelago nation as well. Therefore, we would be introducing the most busiest sea port in Indonesia, which is known as the Tanjung Priok Port in the North of Indonesia’s capital, Jakarta. For more articles related to international trade, logistics and Indonesia, click here to get access to hundreds of articles. We write more than one post a day so keep  your eyes glued!

What is the Tanjung Priok Port? A Brief History

The Tanjung Priok Port is located in North Jakarta, in the island of Java. It is owned by the Indonesian goverment (state owned) and has earned the reputation of becoming the busiest ports for trans shipments in Indonesia. It is also said to be the most advance port in Indonesia where the port handles more than 50% of all of Indonesia’s traffic. in 1877, the port began construction along with the Tanjung Priok Railway Station as well as other forms of facilities that would support the logistics process in that region.

Existing Problems with the Tanjung Priok Port

Although the Indonesian Port is the busiest port for trans shipments in Indonesia, it does not fare as well on the global stage. For example, it is considered to be the least efficient container port in Southeast Asia. Singapore for example, handles almost 10 times as much containers than Indonesia. To add on, the turnaround time is about 6 times as compared to Singapore too. In 2013, the port handled about 6 million twenty foot equivalents (TEU) containers. On the other hand, the port of Tanjung Priok is severely congested.  The customs in Indonesia handle the goods at a slow rate and there is also an inherent problem with the size of the port, where its current capacity cannot handle the large volume of ships entering the port.

Future of Tanjung Priok Port

Due to the existing problems with the port that prevents it from being capable and efficient in handling cargo from shipments, there will be a major extension project that is currently ongoing to improve the capacity of the port. This extension is said to be completed in the year 2023. In the year 2023, this port would be able to handle more shipments at a volume of 18 million (up from the current 6 million). As such, making it more capable to compete with other southeast asian ports.


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The Tanjung Priok Port of Jakarta, Indonesia

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