Top 3 Issues With Moving Goods In Indonesia

Being able to successfully ship goods from one city to another is an uphill task in Indonesia for both the individual and the logistics company This could be rooted in the presence of three inherent factors such as maritime connectivity, infrastructure as well as information and communication technology.

Maritime Connectivity

As Indonesia is an archipelagic country with thousands of islands spanning across Southeast Asia, transporting logistics becomes arduous due to the myriad of routes and modes of transport being utilised. For instance, if a shipper needs to send goods from Jakarta to Sulawesi, the goods need to go through the port of Surabaya and only then can it be shipped to Sulawesi. Therefore, with land and sea transportation utilised for such a shipment along with loading and unloading fees at the port, the overall cost of shipping goods to another city becomes expensive.


Infrastructure in many parts of Indonesia are not yet fully developed. As such, the risk of delivering goods safely in the midst of damaged roads and lack of ports for docking of ships is extremely high. Ensuring goods that travel safely from places such as Java to Sumatra is another concern for shippers. Therefore, leading to an increase in the delivery cost of goods travelling such a route.

Information and communication technology

Many companies in the logistics industry work using traditional methods such as phone calls, excel spreadsheets and physical documentation to communicate and store information. This is due to the lack of reliable network coverage that would have allowed such companies to upgrade their technologies so as to be more effective and efficient.

How do we solve the problem?

As Kargo has been providing logistics solutions across the Indonesian archipelago, we are aware of the possible issues that our clients and logistic vendors face. Therefore, our platform seeks to make the transportation of goods across Indonesia easy and seamless. Users can expect their orders being confirmed in just two hours, which is faster than using traditional logistic vendors which can take up to a few days. Furthermore, we aim to help logistic vendors embrace technology by joining our platform so as to make the overall shipping process fast, simple and reliable.

So what else do you think is an issue when it comes to moving goods in Indonesia? let us know in the comments!

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