Top 5 Busiest Ports in Africa for Imports and Exports

Top 5 Busiest Ports in Africa

Approximately 90 percent of all imports and exports shipments in Africa is conducted by sea.

The evolution of technology, infrastructure coupled with globalisation has made worldwide trade more rampant than the past century. In fact, according to, the previous century did not see so much of trade volume as compared to today. The trade volume in today’s day and age can be seen at about 50 percent, this is when it is  compared to the entire global GDP for imports as well as exports.  Therefore, it can be clearly said that trade in our times is far more significant than those of  the previous decades and centuries. As such, in this article, we would introduce the top 5 busiest ports in the world which are located in Africa. We previously covered Asia here and Europe here. If you would like to read about the top ports in Canada as well as the US, see here

Number Five: Port of Abidjan, Ivory Coast 

The Port of Abidjan opened in the 1950s in Ivory Coast. It is used for transshipment and is considered to be one of the important ports in West Africa. in 2010, the port handled 22 million tons of cargo in containers. Abidjan also has a fishing port 400,000 tons.

Number Four: Port of Lagos, Nigeria

The Port of Lagos is controlled by the Nigerian Ports Authority. The Port of Lagos is crucial to the Nigerian economy as it contributes a significant portion of the country’s GDP. Located in South West Nigeria, this port’s operations include berthing, cargo handling and stacking areas.

Number Three: Port of Djibouti

The Port of Djibouti is located in Djibouti City, which is the capital of Djibouti. This Port is special as it on the path of one of the busies shipping routes in the world. The Port links Europe and the Far East, where even the Chinese government is directly involved in the port through its state owned enterprise. The Port’s strategic location is not only important for trans shipments but for the navy of various nations as they use it as a military outpost.

Number Two: Port Mombasa, Kenya

Port Mombasa is located in Kenya, right in between South Africa as well as the Gulf of Aden. It is one of the busiest ports in the African Region as it has a direct link to approximately 80 ports all around the world. In addition, the area also has a railway line stretching from Uganda to Tanzania.

Number One: Port of Durban, South Africa

The Port of Durban is located in the country of South Africa. It is known to be the largest and busiest sea port in Sub Saharan Africa. Each year, it is said to handle 31.4 million tons of cargo. It handles about 2.5 million tons of cargo each year on average, this makes it one of the busiest ports in the Southern Hemisphere as well.

So these are the top 5 container ports in Africa, comment below your thoughts and share this among your friends! If you would like to speak with us, click here or drop us and email to [email protected]



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